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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

A man who cares about social, becomes an attractive figure in the eyes of women


A man who cares about social, becomes an attractive figure in the eyes of women

This time I will discuss about A man who cares about social, becomes an attractive figure in the eyes of women.

In fact, men and women alike choose unselfish partners, especially for long-term relationships. However, women prefer partners who prioritize the interests of others or have high social concerns.

Social care in today's era is indeed difficult. Everyone tends to be individualistic. As if life does not have to relate to other people. Even though it has been explained from elementary school that we are social beings who always need other people, right?

Even so, we do not close our eyes that there are still a few people who still care about what is happening around them. Caring for social issues is not only good in the eyes of the opposite sex. But it is useful for a peaceful life and caring for each other.

Questioning the attractiveness or selling point of men in the eyes of women. There are a few more things you should know or perhaps you should obey. So that your target woman begins to be captivated by your own charm.

A good sense of humor is an ideal father-to-be character in the eyes of your target woman

Women are not just looking for a partner so that conditions are not lonely. But it takes into account in the long run, as to whether you deserve to be a potential ideal partner. Regarding the ideal father-to-be, it turns out that women do not only see the attitude and mindset of their partner. But from a sense of humor!

Some sources say that when women are asked what they like about their partner, they will reply, "He makes me laugh". Science has also proven for this reason, a good sense of humor will always be passionately appealing because it shows the intelligence, warmth of creativity to the ideal father-to-be.

It could also be said that good qualities descend from a sense of humor. Women also think that if she marries someone who has a good sense of humor, then her child will also inherit good qualities.

Animal lover man shows long term commitment

Yes, it is said in a study that women like men who like pets, especially dogs. Because dogs bridge social interactions between humans.

Then the dog owner shows his ability to care for and maintain. This shows the attitude that the owner is willing to commit. Moreover, committed in the long term. For women, a long-term commitment is something to look forward to.

Easy to change hearts or mutually change partners is certainly not a reference. Some women do that because they are hurt or disappointed with the state of the relationship, even though they really want to stick around. Of course, only men like attractive animals in the eyes of women.

Those Who Dare To Take Physical Risks, For Women It's Attractive

Dare to take physical risks does not mean he is willing to fight with other men for the sake of women. Taking physical risks in question are those who like to exercise or are addicted to things that smell like sports. Like Athletes, hobbies are wall climbing and hiking. Research shows that men like this will be chosen by women to be partners for a long time.

Wear red to make women feel like yours

This is one of the tricks to make you look attractive in the eyes of women. It seems simple, but make no mistake about this simple matter.

Facts show that men who wear red are more attractive to women. Starting from passionate attraction, exuding deeper charisma, to looking more handsome.

Taking care of yourself to be more handsome, is not an absolute thing that makes women captivated

Imagine yourself like a sports superstar, who is blessed with superior and capable physique, indeed makes women tempted. There is no denying that physical attractiveness is a plus for men.

But remember, good looks are not the main thing. Because research proves that women who choose a partner based on good looks alone will not last long.

That's what I wrote about A man who cares about social, becomes an attractive figure in the eyes of women and I hope this helps .