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Saturday, July 31, 2021

About the Tippecanoe Curse, A Curse To The President Of The United States Every 20 Years


About the Tippecanoe Curse, A Curse To The President Of The United States Every 20 Years

This time in the Talk category session I will discuss About the Tippecanoe Curse, A Curse To The President Of The United States Every 20 Years.

William Henry Harrison was one of the short-lived presidents of the United States when the man died one month after he was elected the number one man in the US nation in 1840.

But Ripley Believe it or Not! quite a popular museum, observes that there is a particularly disturbing pattern of US president deaths while in office.

They observed that presidents who ruled in years in multiples of 20, from 1840, 1860, 1880, and so on, always died in dire conditions without being able to complete their term.

This raises the question, is the death of successive presidents every 20 years a coincidence? Or there is a mysterious curse that haunts the presidents.

About the Tippecanoe Curse

It is said that the beginning of this curse was when a man named William Henry Harrison who before serving as US president was a war commander and governor of the state of Indiana.

At that time, the Indiana government was at war with the Native Americans. The leader of the Shawnee tribe at that time was hostile to William for opposing the wishes of the US colonial government who wanted to expand their territory and seize sacred land belonging to the Native Americans.

The name of the leader was Tecumseh and the location of the battle was the Tippecanoe River, so the war that broke out in 1811 was named the Tippecanoe War.

Unfortunately, in that war, Tecumseh and the soldiers lost at the hands of the US army. Of course the US troops at that time were superior because they had firearms which were modern products.

Because of his success as a warlord, William's political career took off until in 1840, he was elected the ninth US president. But unlucky, only a month after serving the highest position in the US, William's life could not be helped after contracting typhus.

A strange pattern

A strange pattern then emerged about 20 years later. President who served in 1860, namely Abraham Lincoln who famously won the Civil War and succeeded in abolishing the Civil War in America, died again. This time he was killed by a man named James Wilkes Booth who shot him while the president was watching a theatrical performance.

Twenty years later, the same tragedy happened again. In 1880, James A. G was elected the 20th president of the United States. But only 4 months in office, the president was shot dead again by a Hitman, this time named Charles J. G at a train station in Washington DC.

Again, 20 years later, William McKinley, who served as US president in 1900, was also assassinated. Just six months in office, William was shot dead by an anarchist named Leon Czolgosz while attending an exhibition in New York.

Not only that, even his successor, Theodore Roosevelt, almost died when a man named John Flammang Schrank tried to shoot him. But luckily, Teddy survived.

Strange but true, 20 years later, the same tragedy repeats itself. Warren G. Harding, who was elected the 29th US president in 1920, was also assassinated in the middle of his term. However, unlike the previous three presidents, this time he died naturally of a heart attack.

Twenty years later, yes, you guessed it, another US president has died again. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who became president in 1940, died of old age at the age of 65 during his tenure as the 32nd president of the United States.

Tragedy returned to the pattern of mathematics, when the last time, in 1960, a very famous US president, namely John F. Kennedy, was shot dead by Lee H. Oswald.

Tragedy after tragedy makes us wonder, is the death of a US president every 20 years (either due to natural causes or due to murder) just a coincidence, or is there some supernatural power behind it?

Many claim that what the president experienced is evidence of the Tecumseh Curse. It is said that this curse was initiated by William Henry Harrison who attacked the Native Americans and took their lands for political purposes, so Tecumseh launched a deadly curse to kill his successors every 20 years.

But if the curse is true, what will happen to future presidents? After JFK's death, no more presidents died during his reign, let alone killed by snipers.

Does that mean the curse is unproven? It is not easy to deny it, because the successors of this president, every 20 years, at least there has been an assassination attempt.

Call it Ronald Reagan who served as president in 1980. He was seriously injured by a sniper shot named John Hinckley Jr aimed at him. The former Hollywood actor is also the oldest person ever to be elected US president at the age of 69, so many doubted whether he would last at the end of his reign.

But it is said that his wife, Nancy Reagan was very worried and worried about her husband's fate, so to prevent the Tecumseh Curse, Nancy was willing to hire a supernatural expert to take care of her husband. As a result, Ronald Reagan was able to survive for 15 years, even after the shooting.

Twenty years later, the next president to take office in 2000 was George W. Bush, who, of course, you know, is still alive today. But perhaps many of you do not remember that Bush himself almost became a victim of murder. In 2005, an Armenian man named Vladimir Arutyunian threw a grenade at President Bush's car, but the bomb did not explode.

Given the US invasion of the Middle East at the time after the September 11 terrorist attacks, it is not surprising that many wanted the president's death at that time. However, the consequences are clearly unimaginable, if in the attack, Bush was really killed. Perhaps the political (and also military) relationship between the US and the Middle East world will become increasingly muddy, even leading to a large-scale war.

And the name of the next president who will be elected 20 years later, namely 2020. Yes, you must already know who he is, namely the current US president (when this writing is written) namely Joe Biden. Will Donald Trump's successor suffer the same fate, falling victim to the ferocity of the ancient curse of the Native American chieftain? Or can he be saved.

That's my discussion this time About the Tippecanoe Curse, A Curse To The President Of The United States Every 20 Years.