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Saturday, July 24, 2021

After giving birth, my wife can't take care of her body


After giving birth, my wife can't take care of her body

This time the story of the man who appeared with the title After giving birth, my wife can't take care of her body.


Hello admin, I want to ask your opinion and readers about my story. I am a 30 year old male and my wife is 29 years old, married for 5 years, my son is 4 years old. I work and my wife doesn't work, so just take care of the house.

Sorry in advance, my story about my wife's appearance because I am confused what to do so that my wife knows if I want my wife to have a body shape like before. I've tried many ways, giving advice in a gentle way, to the point of being a bit sarcastic but my wife was offended. I also asked for advice on how to make my wife understand without being offended?

So the story is, after my wife gave birth, my wife's appearance changed (sorry, became fat and dull). I know and understand maybe it's because of pregnancy and childbirth. But as a woman there is definitely a desire to improve the body, but my wife doesn't seem to care. The reason is that there is always no time, and the child is still small. But in my opinion, at the age of my child can be a little relaxed taking care of it and my wife can definitely do a diet program, etc. Moreover, she also no longer breastfeeds children.

At home, my wife doesn't work too hard every day, just looking after my house and children and I also don't require her to keep the house clean and tidy, because I can tidy it up if I want. Maybe just cooking is all she has to do because I prefer food cooked by my wife to buying.

I also bought my wife some supplements for diet because if I just talk to my wife she doesn't really care so I took the initiative to buy supplements but it irritated my wife again.

And I'm sorry, I feel I don't enjoy when I do romantic activities in the room with my wife, because my wife looks like that. As a result I like to glance at other women. But don't get me wrong, I'm just admiring and don't intend to have an affair. In my heart when I see other women who have good looks, I always say: "If only my wife had the appearance like her". So I was just that and had no intention of having an affair.

Furthermore, I feel that my household is disturbed because I feel uncomfortable with my wife and the frequency when my wife and I are in the room is not as romantic as before, so as a result we often fight.

So my wish is simple, when I am tired of working, I hope when I come home from work I can feel refreshed after seeing my wife, pleasing to the eye and I can enjoy doing romantic activities in my room.

Now we still do romantic activities in the room but I don't think it's as interesting as it used to be, I get lazy if I have to linger, because when I see my wife's appearance then my desire for romantic activities in the room disappears.

I don't think it's wrong if I want my wife to look like before, because I have facilitated her in terms of finances. Because in terms of finances I am not stingy. Before having children, I already gave money to my wife for her to use freely, after having children, I added more per month, and it was bigger.

Sometimes I think, indeed the human appearance will age with time but it is undeniable that men really like to see women in their appearance and my desire is to see my wife's pleasing appearance, not the appearance of other women.

Now my wife is 180 degrees different which looks dull, fat, and doesn't smell good, her clothes are unkempt and don't look attractive. I'm often too lazy to see it. I was confused, what method should I use to make my wife aware that her husband also needs to be pampered from his wife's appearance?

Admin Suggestions

Hello my friend, what is your desire is certainly a natural thing. Besides pleasing a husband, being overweight is also associated with health. In this case, it does not mean that people who tend to be overweight are not healthy, it's just that the ideal body weight has advantages (such as feeling lighter for activities and others).

Sometimes there are some women who after having children pay less attention to appearance. Not that it does not want to please a husband or lazy to take care of herself, but maybe because your wife's priority right now is for your children. Even though it is not good to act like this because in life family, the wife is not only the child who needs love and attention, but the husband also needs it.

If your wife is easily offended by your request, maybe you can use a more subtle way, such as inviting your wife to exercise together, taking the children and creating an even warmer family time. Maybe if there is direct support like that (you do too) your wife is more enthusiastic and understands your desires better (not offended).

Indeed you have to set aside free time to accompany your wife, but assume that these activities are not solely for your wife's weight loss program, but also to maintain your health as well.

Then regarding dull skin, if it is not possible to do treatment together (not all men want skin care) it can be reminded that taking care of the skin is not only to please a husband, but as a form of appreciation for yourself.

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Hopefully after these approaches, your wife will better understand your wishes and will do it on her own conscience because it is actually for your own wife whose impact can also please a husband and maintain household harmony.

This is my personal opinion about the story that a man told me which I titled: After giving birth, my wife can't take care of her body.