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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Breaking Up And Getting Back With Your Lover Is A Sign Of Lasting In A Relationship


Breaking Up And Getting Back With Your Lover Is A Sign Of Lasting In A Relationship

This time I will discuss about Breaking Up And Getting Back With Your Lover Is A Sign Of Lasting In A Relationship.

In an ideal relationship, you will indeed go through several phases, one of which is the breakup phase and back again. This is not bad especially if you and your lover have been in a relationship for a long time.

If you experience this frequently and are currently experiencing this, don't be discouraged. Because this kind of thing can strengthen your relationship to be more solid and lasting. Because many have experienced something like this. But at the end of the story, they grow up to build a small family together.

In fact, two people who used to be suspicious of each other and often said they wanted to break up during a fight never thought they could be together. Then why is it like that?

Every Relationship There Are Quarrels, But You Still Struggle To Always Be In Touch

The difference between your relationship and your lover's relationship with a teenager is commitment. Adults have a strong commitment to achieving something, one of which is not giving up in relationships. Quarrels, differences of opinion, are normal, experienced by everyone.

On the other hand, there is one reason why you and your lover persist despite frequent fights is the assumption that the relationship is worth fighting for. So whatever the case, you are always struggling to stay in touch.

After breaking up, Your lover is the only one you are looking for, no one else

You have considered your lover to be a special person. Just forgetting her is not easy, in a condition like no longer together, a sense of longing for her appears. It's as if you isn't easy to forget or let go of. Besides, you always think that no one else is like her.

As a result, the expression of a breakup that was just spoken, became regret. Back to being a reasonable choice. This incident does not mean you are hesitant in living a relationship. But teach a lesson between you and your lover in a relationship.

A Lot of Introspection Happens When Relationships Often Break

Break up then come back, break up and keep coming back, this kind of pattern might be really boring if you think about it. But know, the process of mutual self-introspection occurs at times like this. When one of you expresses 'break up' it is a sign that you are being haunted by sheer emotions.

However, shortly after parting ways with their partner, a process of introspection occurred and resulted in the decision to get back together. In that phase you will not only think about your own strengths and weaknesses, but also your lover's.

Learn to Overcome All Kinds of Problems Related to Your Relationship

Being hit by various kinds of problems does not make you feel burned. Break up and then come back again is not a problem, there are various forms that make you a strong and tough partner. Because every problem related to the relationship was successfully resolved without looking at one side only. But both sides.

As a result, there is a fair weighing error process. Like why your lover is angry with this incident, and what if you were in your lover's shoes when it happened. With this kind of process, you will continue to build strong relationships. Because learning to deal with problems in adults.

Guaranteeing the future with your partner is not wasting your hopes

Adult relationship measures are no longer just for fun. Unless you live in an environment that embraces a relaxed lifestyle. But in general, when there is talk of "when will you marry me?" is something that is not taboo, even every couple would want it. Therefore, when problems come, you don't just give up with this condition.


But try to explore the problem by contemplation. If you are determined to continue to be together, of course the shadow of the future by building a family with your lover must be maintained. This hope must be maintained and cannot be extinguished.

So that's what I'm talking about Breaking Up And Getting Back With Your Lover Is A Sign Of Lasting In A Relationship.