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Friday, July 23, 2021

Feeling Sad Because My Wife Thinks I'm Infertile

Feeling Sad Because My Wife Thinks I'm Infertile


This time the story of the man who appeared with the title Feeling Sad Because My Wife Thinks I'm Infertile.


Hello admin, I want to tell my story. I am a 36 year old male, I first married when I was 27 years old. After getting married and during the first year of being married to my first wife, we often quarreled about not having children.

Until finally I had a love affair with a coworker who was 11 years younger than me. At that time we had a relationship too far until finally at the age of 5 years of marriage, we divorced because my wife already knew about my infidelity and every time she talked about the affair, I always avoided her and took turns talking about the problem that she couldn't give me children.

In the end, we divorced, still childless. And I continue to be in a relationship with my other lover, my co-worker.

2 years later I heard that my ex-wife had remarried and she could soon be pregnant. Many people say that I am infertile, etc.

My lover's parents, my co-worker's lover, who is now my official lover, also heard the news so they disapproved of our relationship. However, I still struggle to maintain a relationship even though my heart is in turmoil because I always wonder if it's true that I'm infertile.

The following year, I heard that my ex-wife was pregnant with her 2nd child, which made my feelings even more mixed. And I also noticed that my lover's behavior changed somewhat. But I did not give up to still be able to marry my lover.

My lover's family is still against our relationship, they are afraid that if my lover marries me then she won't have children, moreover my lover is the only child in their family.

Because of my unyielding persistence and convincing my lover and her family, my lover's family finally melted away and allowed me to marry my lover in our 8th year of our relationship.

The beginning of our marriage went smoothly, until finally at the age of 1 year of marriage the wife began to worry because she wanted to have children. Moreover, plus many neighbors her age here already have children, she is embarrassed every time she gathers with the mothers here, she is still not blessed with children and is always asked when to have children.

We also started fighting a lot. My wife started to question whether I was really infertile. I am very sad, what should I do? Am I really infertile and forever unable to be happy with my partner?

Admin Opinion

Hello friends, if you have not been blessed with children after a long marriage, it does not mean that the person is not fertile. There may be other things that are causing it, such as poor body quality and other causes that can be identified by medical personnel by conducting a series of tests.

The mindset of not having children is definitely because they are not fertile, this assumption needs to be straightened out so that the mindset slowly changes because there are many factors that cause not having children, not always because of infertility.

Ordinary people cannot immediately consider themselves or others to be infertile just because they have not had children for a long time, because medical personnel who are competent in their fields also have to carry out many series of examinations to make a medical diagnosis.

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Therefore, to find out the exact cause, you and your wife can consult a gynecologist. Health checks such as carrying out a series of examinations in the laboratory and a series of other examinations according to the direction of the obstetrician, so that the cause is clear and if there are problems that hinder the right solution can be immediately obtained.

If during the consultation there are other directions from the doctor to maximize the efforts of the pregnancy program, you and your wife must be willing to undergo it regularly because it is also part of your business.

Hopefully with all these efforts, the thoughts of your wife and in-laws about you can slowly change. Even though you have not been blessed with offspring, with this effort there will be at least a plus because you have tried your best to get offspring, even though in the end the results may not be satisfactory, because sometimes not everything is judged by the results, because the process, struggle and effort have more value than the value of the result itself.

This is my personal opinion about the story that a man told me which I titled: Feeling Sad Because My Wife Thinks I'm Infertile.