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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

I want my wife to feel comfortable telling everything

I want my wife to feel comfortable telling everything


This time the story of the man who appeared with the title I want my wife to feel comfortable telling everything.


I want to talk about my home life. I have been married for 4 years to my lover whom I have been dating for 10 years. Praise God I have been blessed with a beautiful child who is now 3 years old.

I've been with my wife for 14 years since the first date, but when I took the story from heart to heart, I felt like my wife wasn't quite there when she told the story. I thought there was something she didn't tell me.

Even though I'm a cool person to talk to, and funny too. This is the judgment of my friends, don't I admit myself.

Then when my wife and I dated before marriage, my wife felt very comfortable when my wife talked to me and always laughed when I cracked a joke even though my joke was simple.

But now it's much different, my wife rarely laughs when we talk and I always ask my wife, why don't you want to talk to me and tell me with all your heart? Meanwhile, if my wife tells other people, she can wholeheartedly.

I told my wife that things like that could be dangerous, I was worried that one day she might be more comfortable talking to other people, especially talking to someone who actually likes her.

Whenever I asked her why she didn't want to tell me wholeheartedly, she just replied that she was traumatized because I had been rude to her.

For information, I was rude to her because at that time she was caught cheating before marriage, and even then I only did rude things to her once in my life. And it happened because I was annoyed with her attitude towards me.

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Back to the point of the problem, so now, every time I ask her to tell the full story but she still doesn't want to talk, I get annoyed. Finally I said: "Well, if you are silent like this can make you happy, I will be silent too." I know this is wrong, but what can I do to make her realize that if a good relationship is an open relationship with nothing to hide, it's like happy and sad we have to feel together.

According to admins and readers here, what should I do? and please advise so that my wife can be comfortable again when chatting with me, thank you.

Admin Opinion

Hello friends, the principle of openness in your household is a good principle. Your wish is also a good wish so that the harmony of your household is well maintained.

It's just that maybe your wife still feels uncomfortable when talking to you because she still remembers past events.

Feeling tired is also a natural feeling because maybe you've been trying for a long time to get your wife to open up to you but nothing is working. However, if you repay your wife with the same thing, it is feared that your relationship will drift apart.

It will be quite difficult if we feel that we are fighting alone for domestic harmony, it's just that for now it might be better if you hold back, give in so that your wife can return to how she used to be.

Perhaps you can continue to approach your wife with regular attention and affection. In essence, you are trying to return the comfort of your wife to you first.

When your wife feels comfortable, hopefully your wife will open up on her own. Because whatever you ask for, it might make your wife feel pressured because it's as if your wife is being forced to open up with you.

Therefore, while your focus is on giving or restoring comfort to your wife, after that you focus on your original goal.

This is my personal opinion about the story a man told me which I titled: I want my wife to feel comfortable telling everything.