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Sunday, July 25, 2021

I'm a man who cries easily, sometimes I'm ashamed of my lover


I'm a man who cries easily, sometimes I'm ashamed of my lover

This time the story of the man who appeared with the title I'm a man who cries easily, sometimes I'm ashamed of my lover.


Hello admin, I want to let you know, I am a 23 year old male, my story may seem trivial but I find it annoying. You could say I am someone who easily sheds tears, for some reason I became a man who was too sensitive so I was often dumped by women because I looked like a crybaby man.

So when I'm sad, I'll cry, but don't cry until I make a sound, I just cry with tears and sobs. For example, when there's a problem with my lover, I usually resolve it by talking face-to-face, but I often cry just because I'm letting out unexplained feelings for her while talking.

And if my lover tells me about her problems until she is sad and cries, I also cry, although I don't want to cry, I want to be strong to strengthen my lover when she talks, but I cry instead, so we often cry together.

I always try to improve myself, and when there is a problem, I always stop myself from crying but I find it difficult and maybe this is why my lover, who was in a relationship with me, always breaks up with me.

So, how can I avoid tears easily? I am sometimes embarrassed to look crybaby in front of my lover, when in fact my soul and heart are very strong, it's just that sometimes I don't know why I cry so easily.

Admin opinion

Hello my friends, there are indeed some men who shed tears easily. This is not because the person is a crybaby type but it may have something to do with hormones.

The second cause could also be due to character and this may not change quickly. It's just that if you can continue to practice controlling your emotions, it may gradually lessen.

The trick may be that when you feel sad and already want to cry, you can divert your mind to something else that makes you happy so that your feelings slowly stabilize. So try when there are signs of your tears coming out, don't get carried away right away, immediately think of other things that conflict with your atmosphere such as beautiful moments with your family, friends or lover.

Regarding the relationship between crying and your love, maybe not because of that. Although crying does not determine gender, crying too often is also not good for health.

So there is nothing wrong if you want to change because you have the intention for your own health to make it easier to suggest yourself than you have the intention to change because of other people (fear of being abandoned by your lover).

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The point is, over time, you will indirectly be able to control yourself more, including emotional stability when you get more experience from you now and in the future, because basically experience and feeling stability can be obtained from the journey of life.

This is my personal opinion about the story that a man told me which I titled: I'm a man who cries easily, sometimes I'm ashamed of my lover.