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Friday, July 16, 2021

My Struggle Melts My Beloved's Heart Until Successfully Married


My Struggle Melts My Beloved's Heart Until Successfully Married

This time the story of the man who appeared with the title My Struggle Melts My Beloved's Heart Until Successfully Married.


Hello admin, I'm not here to vent but only to provide experiences that might be learning material for readers out there.

Call me John, I am 31 years old. I just got married. So this is it, my wife and I have been in a relationship for approximately 5 years, then we broke up because of my mistake, I was tempted by the woman who was my co-worker at the office, coincidentally the culture at the office at that time, even though their status was already lover or husband / wife is common.

It started with being teased by friends at the office, which in the end my co-workers and I felt compatible and I forgot about my lover.

Just starting a special relationship with my co-worker, my lover finally found out about my infidelity. Then stupidly I asked to break up with my lover.

Within a month after I said break up to my lover, my lover and I didn't communicate, from there I felt something was missing, plus my woman at work urged me to completely break up with my lover. And it so happened that my woman in the office also turned out to be someone else's partner and had been in a relationship for 6 years.

The more I was pressured by my woman in the office, the more I felt so stupid I had hurt my lover who from the start accompanied me when I had nothing and who always encouraged me to apply for jobs until I got a job in the office with a very large salary because of my lover's support.

I realized that I was wrong and what my friends were doing in my office environment was all wrong.

Finally I decided to come to my lover's house to apologize and my lover kindly forgave me but she didn't want to be my lover anymore, from there I tried how to win her trust again.

The first thing I did was resign from the company and look for a job at a much better company, but somehow my heart felt empty.

During my separation from my lover from 2013 to 2019 I did not give up on taking the trust and heart of my lover who had been willing to accompany me from zero.

During my years of solitude, I was not attracted to any woman and I felt that if I looked for another woman, I would feel bad, because the one who had to enjoy the fruits of my labor was my lover who is now my ex.

I think she is an extraordinary woman, who wants to be together to build a relationship from scratch and never demands anything, even though many who like her are men who have good finances and from a physical point of view I may lose a lot, but she always defends me saying that she is looking for is a man who is willing to be independent, and earn money from his own sweat without the help of his parents.

And in fact she guided me from having nothing to being able to buy anything I wanted, even a nice vehicle. And for my great effort to try to have her again, finally early last year I was able to marry this amazing woman and this incident really woke me up or slapped me hard on the heart.

I currently stay away from associations that can make me forget the services of my lover who is now my wife. It's true that the Male test at the top level is female, but I'm grateful I woke up quickly and was able to pass the test.

Hopefully my story is useful, for the men out there don't regret it later, if you have found a woman who is willing to accept what she is without demanding you, then love her wholeheartedly.

Admin Opinion

Hello my friend, I am very grateful that you have realized your mistakes and in the end made you a better person.


Hopefully your story can inspire all, that there will be good results for people who want to introspect themselves, admit mistakes and want to proceed. Congratulations on the marriage, may it always be harmonious, surrounded by kindness.

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This is my personal opinion about the story a man told me which I titled: My Struggle Melts My Beloved's Heart Until Successfully Married.