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Saturday, July 17, 2021

My Wife Changed After Reading My Chat History With Other Women


My Wife Changed After Reading My Chat History With Other Women

This time the story of the man who appeared with the title My Wife Changed After Reading My Chat History With Other Women.


Hello admin, my wife and I are currently 32 years old and we have been blessed with 2 children. Our domestic life is very harmonious and far from serious problems. My wife is very sweet, cheerful person, and chatty.

The children are all very close and pampered with their mother. She is also a smart university graduate but she chose to be a wife who takes care of the family at home because she does not like it when our children are cared for by others. I personally do not mind because financially we are not short.

Until last May, my wife found my chat with my female co-worker on a messaging app. Even though I deleted the message a long time ago but I don't know my wife can open my chat backup and find my chat.

Indeed, I admit I was wrong, because the contents of the chat seemed romantic. At first I just texted my co-worker where she asked me for my opinion about her confusion over having to choose between two men, both of which are my friends at work who have a crush on her.

But over time, my co-workers and I became close. My wife reads the content of the chat that has words from me like this: "we're moving away now." And my co-worker replied with: "yes, you feel it too."

Then my female co-worker sent a message like this: "I Miss, Your Calls!" I replied, "Yes, want me to call?" and many more that I forgot. To be honest, I don't have any feelings towards my female co-workers, I'm just making small talk but this is a disaster for me.

My wife asked me: "What is this? These words were really sent by you?" I answered: "yes". I confessed everything that night, when I admitted I was wrong and I'm so ashamed I ever did.

Day by day until now my wife gave birth, she changed. She wasn't happy at all anymore, wasn't fussy anymore. Usually she likes to get angry with me when I makes a messy room and plays games until I loses track of time. Now she doesn't care if I play games for hours and she doesn't scold me anymore.

Since that incident my wife is often pensive and daydreaming. Her eyes were empty and she often cried silently. I can only look at it heavily and my heart is breaking too.

My wife was in tears, she said. If I am the person she trusts the most and really doesn't expect the words in the message inbox to come out of my mouth for another woman, she doesn't want that to happen.

I tried to calm her down, I feel very guilty when my wife is pregnant my wife is sad and disappointed because of me. I told my wife that I had wronged her a lot.

I asked her if she still loves me? She replied: "she still loves me, it's just that her love for me is different for now, if she used to love me once like someone who is in love. Now she loves me like something hurts." I apologized to her and many times I also apologized, I invited her to start over from scratch.

But when I asked her: "If my life is taken, will you marry again with other men?" in the past she answered: no, but at that time she replied: "perhaps, who knows there are still men who sincerely love and care for me".

According to admins and readers here, how should I deal with this situation? Was my wife's heart so broken?

I have now become resentful of my female co-worker and I don't want to talk to my female co-worker unless it's important and in a work context.

I feel because of my female co-worker my relationship with my wife has become disharmonious like this. But I realized it was also my fault. Right now I'm not comfortable working there anymore, my wife doesn't trust me anymore and I'm planning to find my new place of work.

What should I do to get my wife back to how she used to be? who can return to being cheerful and harmonious with me, I don't want to hurt her anymore.

I think my wife is slowly drifting away from me with her flat attitude but she still takes good care of me and my kids and I think my apologies are not enough.

She once said: "It would be cooler to be a woman who takes people's husbands." I know she said that because she was hurt at that's time. She also said: "I could have met and scolded the woman but I still respect your dignity at work and I don't want you to be embarrassed if this news gets out there".

Help me admin and readers here what should I do? My wife is a very sweet and beautiful person. I'm sure if she wants to be someone's husband grabber there will be a lot of men who will be tempted, especially if she becomes a widow, I don't want that to happen because I love her.

Admin Opinion

Hello friend, maybe your intention to leave the company is worth a try, maybe with that, you can try to prove to your wife that you are sorry for the actions you have done in the past, and this can prove that there is no relationship between you and your female co-workers.

It's just that you need to prepare your intention to change places of work, so that your move or job change does not cause other conflicts in your household. Maybe you can start by looking for a place of work whose work you are good at (there is experience) and try to make sure that the salary is not less than the salary when you worked at your previous company.

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It's not an easy thing to make your wife's attitude return to normal, it's just that you don't need to be discouraged, with your proof, increasing your attention and quality time with your wife, hopefully slowly reduce your wife's disappointment to you.

If you keep trying (it takes time and process), for your wife to feel confident coming back to you, and can forgive you and begin to melt her attitude because of you because she sees and assesses your struggle to make amends for your mistakes. In essence, your wife may need more of your effort than usual to prove that you are sorry for what you did.


This is my personal opinion about the story a man told me which I titled: My Wife Changed After Reading My Chat History With Other Women.