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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

My Wife Cheated With Someone While She Was Playing Games

My Wife Cheated With Someone While She Was Playing Games

This time the story of the man who appeared with the title My Wife Cheated With Someone While She Was Playing Games.


Introducing me a 31 year old man and my wife 29 years old. I am currently working in a company as a network engineer at an internet provider in New York and my wife is currently unemployed.

I will start with the story of my heart. My wife and I used to be in the same office at the provider in California. I am dating my wife who is actually a co-worker, we dated for about 9 months and finally got married in July 2019.

Long story short, in early May 2020 I was laid off because there was a reduction in employees, because the company was affected by the corona virus.

In May 2019 I got an interview from a company in New York and finally in mid-May 2020 I left for New York for work.

Our relationship was colored by fights online because we had a long distance relationship and my working hours pattern changed because I had the afternoon shift.

This made my wife feel like she wasn't getting any attention, which was different when we worked in the same office in California.

Finally in August 2020 my wife went to New York and visited me and came to my office to find out how I work shifts.

Early September 2020 my wife played online games and in this game there is the term couple, my wife got a gamer partner from San Francisco, my wife told me about this and asked my permission. I give permission to play games but only play games and do not allow meeting in the real world with her gamer friends.

Then on September 20, 2020 I was not contacted by my wife for more than 12 hours, usually we exchanged news and messages intensely.

I checked my wife's map account and my wife's Facebook, in one of the story posts on my wife's account, I saw if my wife's gamer friend made a story about hotel rooms and on my wife's map there were hotel destinations around San Francisco.

Finally I contacted my in-laws and my in-laws to confirm that my wife had left in the morning and I called my wife but she didn't pick up, then at 12 o'clock my wife picked up my Call and I was emotional because my wife was caught sleeping in the hotel with someone else, previously my wife denied the accusation but finally I got proof of hotel reservation in San Francisco.

A few weeks later I forgave my wife and I joined my wife to meet her gamer friend in San Francisco, at the same time I spoke to him to forbid him from having anything to do with my wife and finally my wife came with me to work in New York.

In November I found my wife chatting with a gamer guy again and then I got angry and threatened my wife if I would leave the house and leave her but in this case I am not talking about divorce. Finally my wife apologized and promised not to do it again.

After that our relationship in New York was fine, I easily forgave my wife because of the love and sincerity from the bottom of my heart. And I still love my wife without talking about the things she has done to me in the past.

In early February I stumbled across a screenshot of my wife chatting with the gamer guy again, but this time I wasn't mad at her position in the middle of the night. I tried to avoid the noise of my quarrel with my wife so as not to disturb my neighbor who was resting.
I ended up deleting the contact of my wife's guy gamer friend and also deleting my wife's Chat account in order to no longer be in touch with my wife.

In mid-February my wife plans to return to her hometown of Oregon between March 10 and 15. My wife's reason is because she misses her mother or my in-laws.

I gave my wife permission to go home on the note that she was not going to San Francisco without urgent matters.

It was time for my wife to return to her hometown in Oregon, on the first and second day my wife was still in Oregon. On the third day my wife went with her best friend to buy her favorite food in Sacramento. At first I thought it was normal and I was sure my wife was going back to Oregon and nowhere else to go.

But at night, my wife said that if she went to San Francisco to accompany her best friend to buy books and eat in San Francisco.

I then called my wife to tell her to come back and my wife picked up my call then said she couldn't come back soon because she was tired of driving long distances and needed some time to stay in San Francisco.

Finally, I gave permission but on the condition that tomorrow morning she must go home. The next day my wife still hadn't returned to Oregon and my wife said to book a two day hotel in San Francisco, my emotions ran high and I immediately messaged my wife and said: "If you don't come home then I will divorce you".

Finally the feeling of fear and suspicion returns. It's my fault for threatening and indulging my momentary emotions. The next day with the emotions subsided I asked my wife to come home but my wife said she would come home in the afternoon.

I asked my wife did you meet your secret lover? Then my wife said and swore she didn't meet the person I mean and my wife said just shopped for books and food.

A few days later when my wife was back in New York, I greeted her with love and I asked my boss for permission to pick her up at the airport.

The evening after my wife returned with me in New York, there was no suspicion at all and things were normal.

But I asked my wife again why she went to San Francisco when she came back to Oregon, but my wife said the same thing which is just to have a snack or food and buy a book.

On March 17th we enjoy the beauty of New York City together, which may be the last time. In the afternoon I set my wife's whats app so I could find out what was in it and for the sake of my suspicions too.

And on the afternoon of March 18, during lunch, I opened my wife's whats app account and it turned out that there were still chats from other people about delaying my wife's return to Oregon and working in Oregon because she had not been given permission to resign from her job according to her contract in New York.

I asked my wife, is the person you are texting this the same person you met in San Francisco? My wife says it's not the person you mean.
My anger peaked and during a video call with my wife I said "I am divorcing you" to my wife, then I called my in-laws, and I said I would divorce her daughter.

This is my second mistake because I carelessly said divorce. And I decided to move house and no longer live with my wife in New York, actually I don't want to divorce or leave because I love her.

We were still in touch and I visited my wife and asked again who texted her, and my wife replied that it was the same person, the person she met in San Francisco.

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I then decided to ask my wife's cellphone to call, then when my call was picked up by a man who had problems with my domestic life and I immediately said: "I have forgiven you, But why are you still calling my wife? I will come to you in San Francisco!".

A few days after, suddenly my contact was blocked by my wife and while visiting my wife to give money and food, suddenly I called my mother-in-law, she said My wife and I are done.

And when I visited my wife's home in New York and asked the Neighbor, The Neighbor said my wife had been away since morning. The thing that really hurt me again was because my wife didn't tell me.

The fact that I just found out is that my wife bought a cell phone for her other lover in installments.

In mid-September, my wife invited me on a video call one last time, so she had to leave and she was in tears. And during a video call with her, I said: "I forgive you, but we have to wake up from the beginning", but my wife didn't answer.

That's my story, according to admin and readers what should I do with the situation?

Admin Opinion

Hello friend, I understand that you love your wife very much and it is not an easy thing to lose your love for your wife, it's just that you must understand that when someone makes a mistake once, maybe they can still be given a chance to improve themselves. But when the mistake is repeated many times, of course you also need to rethink whether there is still a good side if you want to maintain your household.

Everyone wants a happy household, and you certainly understand that the household is run for life, therefore we need a partner who can complement each other and can take care of herself and her husband.


This is my personal opinion about the story a man told me which I titled: My Wife Cheated With Someone While She Was Playing Games.