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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Not comfortable with my wife's habit of picking her nose


Not comfortable with my wife's habit of picking her nose

This time the story of the man who appeared with the title Not comfortable with my wife's habit of picking her nose.


Hello admin, I want to share my story but I don't know what my problem is important or not to you but this problem has been bothering me and got me confused.

I am married, my marriage age is 2 years. The story is, at first my wife did not show habits that I thought was inappropriate.

About 1 month of marriage, she began to show a bad habit of picking her nose in any place. Wherever and whenever she always picks her nose.

I knew my wife before marriage not too long ago which was only an introduction of 6 months while preparing for the wedding.

I'm embarrassed when I eat in public she picks her nose happily, and doesn't focus on the conversation, she focuses more on her nose. I have reprimanded her several times, but so far nothing has changed.

One day we were eating with my extended family, and she picked her nose while waiting for the food to come and after eating, and her nose picking activity was long enough for my extended family to know.

I feel ashamed to have such a wife, when I eat with her, I lose my appetite watching my wife pick her nose. I'm tired of giving advice to my wife, I don't know how else I can advise her to change that bad habit.

I thought it was rude in front of so many people that she picked her nose. I've spoken to her many times, and suggested that when she showers, she cleared her nose so it doesn't itch, so she doesn't have to pick her nose. But she always said she always cleared her nose and she said it was like a reflex to pick her nose.

I have also been reprimanded by my parents about this. At that time my parents took my wife to go to my parents friend's event. But she embarrassed my parents with her habit of picking her nose, my parents' friends saw it.

Currently, my parents never want to take my wife to any special events again, for fear of embarrassing the family. I also rarely invite my wife to certain events because I am also ashamed of her habits, I am confused about what to do.

Admin Suggestions

Hello friends, when we are faced with someone's bad habits that have been carried over for a long time, it does require more effort to change them because habits that have been carried over for a long time are not easy to change instantly. The person concerned may be quite difficult to change, let alone other people.

It's just that you don't need to be discouraged, because there is still the possibility that things can change if you and your wife can work together in the process. So in addition to your support in the process, the most important thing is the willingness and effort of your wife so that your wife slowly begins to be able to control these habits.

It is true that the habit of picking your nose carelessly is not a good habit because apart from being part of ethics, this habit is also feared to have a bad impact on health, such as an injured nose due to frequent rubbing of the nose, entry of bacteria or viruses because fingers are not always sterile (holds everything), and other bad things.

If you've been giving your wife a lot of advice and your wife hasn't been able to control the habit, maybe you need another way of giving advice.

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For example, in terms of health, you can remind your wife to be slightly moved to try even harder to control herself when she wants to do this habit. Because if your advice relates to feeling unsightly by others or your discomfort, it is feared that it will not enter your wife's heart or it may offend your wife.

Then, maybe you can add the sounding method to your wife. Shortly after your wife fell asleep but not too deep, you can issue all the positive words to your wife, including about her habits. And with that, hopefully your wife's subconscious can respond faster to control the habit than talking when your wife is 100% awake (not sleeping).

This is my personal advice about the story that a man told me which I titled: Not comfortable with my wife's habit of picking her nose.