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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

About Casanova's Legendary Playboy Dark Story

About Casanova's Legendary Playboy Dark Story


This time in the Talk category session I will discuss About Casanova's Legendary Playboy Dark Story.

Casanova is the name of a man from Italy who lived in the 18th century whose name has been immortalized until now as a playboy man who had many lovers.

His story is considered a romantic story and the success of men in attracting many women. But is it true that we think so?

Is Casanova's story a testament to a man's success? Or is the story a sign of moral depravity and moral decline? We will conclude after reading my writing about this legendary playboy story.

About the Dark Story of Casanova's Legendary Playboy You Didn't Know

This legendary young man was born with the name Giacomo Girolamo Casanova in 1725. His mother was an actress named Zanetta Farussi, while his father, Gaetano Casanova, also worked as an actor and dancer.

Casanova was born in the city of Venice which is known as the most beautiful city in Italy. Venice itself at that time was still an independent republic, because the Italian state itself had not yet been formed.

But because he was born into a family of artists, Casanova's childhood was neglected. We can imagine the Casanova family has enough wealth from the coffers of their income in the entertainment world.

However, due to her parents' profession, Casanova was often left alone at their residence in Venice because her parents often traveled around Europe for their plays.

In Venice, Casanova was raised by his grandmother from childhood. At the age of 8, Casanova's father died and he was sent to a hostel in the city of Padua, far from his family.

However, independent since childhood, Casanova is famous for being intelligent. In fact, he entered the University of Padua at a very young age of 12 and graduated at the age of 17 with a law degree.

In fact, Casanova himself is also interested in medical science and has little knowledge of the medical world. But unfortunately, Casanova has a very bad habit of gambling. Even because of his hobby, in Padua he went bankrupt and was forced to return to his grandmother's house in Venice.

Casanova life adventures

At the age of 21, instead of feeling given up, Casanova instead mortgaged his entire family property for his hobby of gambling.

Finally now that he became poor, Casanova was forced to work as a musician. But luck favored Casanova when he one day coincidentally saved a rich businessman named Bragadin.

At that time Bragadin had a stroke while sailing on a gondola. At that time, the doctor who treated Bragadin gave him a potion in the form of a smear of mercury on his chest. In fact, as we all know, mercury is a toxic chemical, so it only makes things worse.

But Casanova, who happened to be working as a violinist at the wedding Casanova attended, decided to save Bragadin's life by washing the mercury stains with cold water, so his condition improved.

Bragadin was also very grateful to Casanova and became his protector, even financed his life. Even though at that time all of Venice already knew about Casanova's popularity as a playboy who was also a womanizer.

Playboy Legend

The story of the female lover Casanova may be based on his childhood sadness where his mother decided to leave him to pursue his career as an artist.

Maybe it also makes Casanova thirsty for love, or even never appreciate women because of the trauma of his mother's treatment.

Even the story of his relationship adventures with women begins strangely with two young women aged 14 and 16, and what's worse they still have a sibling relationship.

But the worst story happened when he had an affair with a noble woman named Donna Lucrezia. In fact, Donna herself is married and unfortunately, from this illicit relationship, a daughter named Leonilda was born who was the result of her affair with the playboy. It was also noted that Casanova was also having an affair with Donna's sister, Angelica.

Leonilda was then raised by Donna's family (who at that time believed that Leonilda was the legitimate child of Donna's husband). Until at the age of 16, Leonilda then introduced the man she loved and would marry to her family.

But how shocked the mother was when she found out that her child's lover and her future husband was none other than her own biological father, Casanova. Of course the scandal angered Donna and threw Casanova out.

But years since that incident, Leonilda meets Casanova again and their spark of love never seems to go out. In fact, Leonilda later had a child from Casanova who was none other than his own father, so that Casanova's child could also be considered his grandson.

Another quite legendary lover of Casanova is a man named Bellino. But instead of a romance between men, Bellino turns out to be a woman disguised as a man. At that time it was difficult for a woman in ancient Europe to gain high status (unless she married into a rich family).

A woman named Teresa Lanti then tries to achieve high social status by posing as a man named Bellino and working as a group of serious singers named Castrati (which contains men who are willing to be castrated to keep their voices high).

But Casanova knew of Teresa's disguise, even having a love affair with her until Teresa gave birth to a son. Surprisingly, Teresa then raised her son as a brother to hide the disgrace.

It turns out that Casanova's success in conquering the hearts of women is not because of his physical appearance. If you try to browse through Casanova's paintings, you may notice that he is not a handsome man himself. But it's not his good looks that attract women, but because of his charisma and confidence.

But over time, Casanova's confidence got him into trouble. He once did a prank by digging up corpses to surprise one of his enemies, but as a result the man suffered a stroke and ended up paralyzed for life.

Not only that, a girl also admitted that Casanova treated her in an indecent manner, so that she became a fugitive and was forced to flee from her hometown, Venice.

This opportunity was instead used as a golden moment for Casanova to travel around Europe and seek experience. He moved to Paris for 2 years, but again there he got into trouble and was chased by the police.

He then fled to several exotic European cities such as Dresden (Germany), Prague (Czech), Vienna (Austria), Warsaw (Poland), to Barcelona (Spain).

In 1753, perhaps longing for his homeland, Casanova returned to Venice, despite having been warned by Bragadin (whom he considered his adoptive father) not to return.

There, Casanova was eventually arrested and thrown into the Doge's Palace, then the strictest prison in Venice. But thanks to his ingenuity, he managed to escape from there.

The End of Casanova's Journey

Casanova again fled to France where he claimed to be an alchemist. His position allowed him to meet important figures in France such as Madame de Pompadour (one of Queen Marie Antoinette's confidants) and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a famous philosopher.

Casanova's popularity (compensated by his ingenuity and ability to speak French), led to him being sent by the French government on espionage to Dunkirk, England.

This task was a success until Casanova was given a high position and paid handsomely, even offered to become a French citizen. But Casanova apparently refused because in his heart, he still loved his homeland, Venice.

But unfortunately, his wealth was again wasted by Casanova so he fell into poverty again and was forced to venture back to Europe to make a living.

He also briefly met with prominent figures in history such as Pope Clement XIII, King George III of England, and Queen Catherine the Great of Russia.

At the age of 49, Casanova's face (which was not very handsome at first) was damaged by smallpox. But still, it's not his physical perfection that seduces women, but his charisma. The proof is that in 1779, Casanova had a relationship with Francesca, a woman who was described as loving him very much, even having several harems.

In 1783, Casanova reunited with a historical figure, namely Benjamin Franklin, the scientist who would later also become president of the United States.

He also met Mozart, a legendary classical musician when he lived in Prague. But all that did not make him happy. It turned out that Casanova, who was still living in exile, still longed to return to his hometown.

But unfortunately, the political situation at that time prevented him from returning to Venice because his hometown was controlled by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Even Casanova, overcome with grief, even contemplated suicide. However, he regained his enthusiasm and spent the rest of his life writing his biography, entitled The History of My Life.

On June 4, 1798, the legendary playboy finally breathed his last at the age of 73 years. He was buried in the city of Duchcov in the Czech Republic, but uniquely no one knows exactly where his grave is located.

Casanova's history is over, but his reputation remains legendary to this day. But if you live in today's era, then of course Casanova is not only dubbed as a playboy, but also a pedophile. Because Casanova's lover was very young. In fact, he had an affair with a 13 year old girl named Helene and at the age of 40, he had bought a 12 year old slave girl in Russia.

But of course Casanova's story, which is always peppered with love and adventure, has inspired many people. Let's say Ian Flemming is interested in creating his famous James Bond character based on Casanova who loves women and also struggles with the world of espionage as a spy.

In fact, there have been many films and television series that have raised his life, including the 2005 film where the late handsome actor Heath Ledger was asked to play this playboy figure.

That's my discussion this time About Casanova's Legendary Playboy Dark Story.