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Monday, August 2, 2021

About the Mystery Behind UFOs: The Aliens

About the Mystery Behind UFOs: The Aliens


This time in the Talk category session I will discuss About the Mystery Behind UFOs: The Aliens.

After discussing the case of the Battle of Los Angeles, I remembered a German UFO during the second world war called Haunebu.

This is quite interesting, so I did some further research and the results were quite astonishing and I found it quite fun to make into a post.

The Mystery Behind UFOs

Maybe if we talked about UFOs today, we would be laughed at. Moreover, if we claim to see a UFO, it will be mistaken for a crazy person.

Indeed, the discussion of UFOs is rarely taken seriously and has only become the subject of discussion among conspiracy theorists. But at the beginning of the term UFO heard in World War II, its existence was taken seriously and even handled very carefully by the United States military forces.

Now maybe the discussion about UFOs has more to do with the existence of aliens or extraterrestrial beings who come from outer space.

However, when it first appeared, people thought this UFO sighting was the work of the Germans during the second world war as their newest secret weapon in winning World War II.

No wonder, when the United States government finally denied the existence of this UFO, many considered it a conspiracy to hide the truth.

The reason is, they don't want the public to know that UFOs really come from outer space so that they can cause public excitement, even the collapse of the economy to civilization.

But is it true that the UFO issue is just an absurd joke? Or are they real, they stalk us from behind the clouds and from the stars? Was it really made in Germany during the second world war or was it sent from outer space there?

Foo Fighters

In World War II, Germany was known to conduct very intensive research on rocket technology. Even the world's leading rocket scientists at that time all came from Germany.

One of them is a former member of Germany during the second world war who finally defected to America named Wernher Von Braun. Thanks to his help, NASA was finally able to launch the Apollo space shuttle. Without Wernher Von Braun's rocket technology, it's hard to imagine the United States being able to land a man on the moon.

At that time the Allied forces believed that the Germans were conducting research on advanced aircraft technology capable of flying fast. This seems to be evidenced by the appearance of strange objects that floated at high speed in the skies of Europe during World War II. Allied pilots who saw them called them foo fighters.

Although some sightings of foo fighters are disqualified as Misperceptions suffered by stressed soldiers in the midst of war, many of them are taken seriously and have attracted the attention of leading researchers such as Luis Alvarez.

It should be noted that Luis Alvarez himself is not just any scientist. He himself is a Nobel Prize-winning physicist so his concern for UFOs cannot be underestimated.

Allied Intelligence believed that the mysterious sighting of the foo fighters in the skies of Europe was a secret German plane. This allegation is based on the fact that Germany has indeed succeeded in creating various aviation innovations such as the V1 and V2 rockets, which at that time were still the world's first long-range missiles and missiles.

They also succeeded in developing the Me 262 which is the world's first fighter jet. Not only that, some of the foo fighters they saw were also seen attacking allied aircraft, so it could be that the UFO plane was an enemy plane.

When news about UFOs leaked from the military and became known to the public at large, panic ensued. Even an Italian newspaper called Il Giornale d'Italia in 1950 wrote an article about this UFO sighting as a headline.

Even unmitigated, the article was written by a professor named Giuseppe Belluzzo who was also a former Italian minister under Mussolini's regime.

So it can be concluded that the theory of the existence of UFOs could not be considered a joke and was hotly discussed by European military officials and academics at that time. The professor also agreed with claims that the UFOs seen in European skies were German technology.

Even German scientists themselves did not rule out this possibility. For example, an engineer from Germany named Rudolf Schriever who in 1965 made a very shocking confession.

He admitted that in 1945 he and his team from BMW, a very well-known car manufacturer from Germany, conducted research to develop flying saucer technology. After the war he fled to Czechoslovakia to continue his research.

There he admitted that one of his model planes was stolen from his office in the city of Prague, the capital of Czechoslovakia and he also believed that the perpetrators of the theft were secret agents who wanted to use it as a secret weapon.

The story continues when in 1953, the company Avro Canada announced that they were developing a flying saucer-shaped jet called the Avrocar that was capable of traveling at a speed of 2,400 km per hour.

A German engineer named Georg Klein laughed at him and said that such technology had long been developed in Germany during the second world war. At that time he mentioned two technologies that were first discovered by Germany.

The first is a flying saucer invented by a German engineer named Richard Miethe in the city of Breslau, Poland. However, the plane was later confiscated by the Soviet Union when they defeated the Germans and Richard himself fled to the United States.

The second aircraft is a flying saucer developed by Rudolf Schriever and Klaus Habermohl in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

The aircraft consists of a circular cockpit surrounded by a rotating ring. Georg Klein himself claimed to have witnessed the plane fly on February 14, 1945 with an altitude of 12,400 m in 3 minutes and has a speed of up to 2,200 km per hour.

However, no one has yet been able to prove whether the statements of the German engineers are true or just nonsense.

Public interest in UFOs grew when in 1960, after World War II, two writers named Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier wrote a book called Le Matin des Magiciens or The Morning of the Magicians.

In the book they link the existence of UFOs with the Vril Society, a mysterious organization in Berlin. A more surprising theory is offered by other writers named Jan van Helsing, Norbert-Jürgen Ratthofer, and Vladimir Terziski.

The trio not only linked UFOs with the Vril Society and Germany during the second world war, but also claimed that the Germans had managed to establish contact with an alien race from outer space which then provided them with information on how to make flying saucer technology.

This is the first time UFOs have been linked to life from outer space. They also claim that after Germany's defeat at the end of World War II, they fled to their secret base in Antarctica. But what does Antarctica have to do with all their claims about German UFOs?

The Antarctic Conspiracy

Since the end of the 19th century, many European countries have competed to explore Antarctica. An example is Roald Amundsen from Norway who managed to conquer Antarctica.

Germany did not want to lose, they organized an expedition in December 1938 where a ship named Schwabenland left the city of Hamburg in Germany to go to Antarctica, the expedition was sent in secret and had 33 members.

In January 1939 they finally arrived in Antarctica, at Queen Maud Land. Later they declared that the area belonged to Germany, even though the place had long been claimed by Norway, which had conquered Antarctica.

But this did not at all deter Germany's intention to seize it. They even planted the German flag during the second world war and named the area New Swabia (Neuschwabenland), after the ship that carried them.

The swastika flag remained flying until the expedition finally left Antarctica that same year. Surprisingly the ship never returned and Germany never again claimed the territory.

This can be said to be very strange. Why do Germans suddenly come to Antarctica for no apparent reason and then quickly leave and never return. Or did they never come back again?

In 1978 a Chilean diplomat named Miguel Serrano who was also a German sympathizer during the second world war wrote a book that was quite horrendous.

The reason is, in a book called El Cordón Dorado: Hitlerismo Esotérico (Golden Thread: Esoteric Hitlerism), he mentions that the German leader at that time deliberately sent an expedition to build a secret base in Antarctica.

After losing the war, the German leader at that time also sent his UFO to fly to New Swabia and hide there until the right time when they would resurrect the Fourth Reich as an act of revenge.

But why, if the claim is true, did they choose Antarctica as their base? We know that there is nothing in Antarctica except ice and the climate is also very harsh.

It turns out that this is also related to another conspiracy theory, namely Hollow Earth. The theory states that in Antarctica there is a hole that becomes the gateway to another world that lies in the bowels of the earth.

The theory also states that the earth is actually a basin and in that cavity there is other life where dinosaurs still live, even inhabited by other races that are more advanced than humans.

Conspiracy theorists say that perhaps for this reason, Germany during the second world war later established a secret base there; because they want to be able to penetrate the world of Hollow Earth and hide there.

But there is also another theory that makes more sense. As a result of the First World War, Germany did lose the war and experienced economic difficulties. One of Germany's biggest expenses is importing the oil extracted from whales.

Because oil at that time was very useful as a raw material for making margarine and making soap, which were basic needs there. In fact, Germany is the second largest importer of whale oil in the world where they can import up to 200,000 metric tons every year.

This expenditure is considered too bombastic so it is not surprising that the German government wants them to be more independent and able to produce their own whale oil.

At that time the largest producer of whale oil was Norway and guess where they got their supply of whales from? By hunting in the Antarctic region.

So do not be surprised if Germany during the second world war sent an expedition there to establish a whaling post to compete with Norway. But unfortunately that dream never came true because Germany had lost the war.

The American Incident

The issue of UFO sightings not only landed in Europe there but also spread to the United States. It is said that the first UFO sighting on the continent was made by an American pilot named Kenneth Arnold in 1947.

At that time he was flying and saw nine unidentified objects flying near Mount Rainier in the state of Washington, United States.

Kenneth himself is not a random person. He is an experienced pilot with a total of 9 thousand flight hours. Kenneth described the plane as flat as a frying pan. From this statement, the press quickly coined a new term, namely flying saucer to describe the mysterious object.

Kenneth's confession was taken seriously by the United States Air Force, although later they concluded that what he saw at that time was just a mirage hallucination.

But it's hard to imagine a professional and experienced pilot like Kenneth not being able to tell the difference between a mirage and a real plane.

Kenneth is known as an honest person, in fact he had absolutely no intention of gaining popularity from the story. Noted since 1960, he refused to talk about his vision of UFOs to anyone, proof that he wasn't just thrill-seeking.

Kenneth's testimony was followed by an incident that occurred in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania in 1965. If this was not just one or two eyewitnesses who saw the appearance of strange objects in the sky, residents in 6 states in the United States to Canada were witnesses.

Thousands of citizens reported mysterious fireballs flying in the sky. Not only that, the object is thought to have fallen to the ground, where residents reported metal fragments in the Michigan to Ohio area.

Residents of the town of Kecksburg, which is located 48 km south of the city of Pittsburgh (the capital of the state of Pennsylvania) also reported a very loud banging sound followed by a puff of blue smoke.

Soon the report reached the ears of the United States National Army. They immediately rushed to the area to check what really happened. However, the United States military later admitted that they found nothing in the area, contradicting eyewitness accounts.

The United States Department of Defense says that what happened was actually a meteor that fell. But this was denied by astronomers themselves who stated that it was impossible for this phenomenon to be a natural phenomenon in the form of a meteor. Since when do meteors emit metal flakes, let alone blue smoke?

In 2005, NASA finally released an official report stating that it was a Russian satellite that crashed. But strangely, all the official reports written by the party investigating the case disappeared completely, disappeared without a trace.

So don't blame it if it finally raises suspicions that what fell at that time was actually a UFO and its whereabouts were kept secret by the United States government.

Project Sign, Grudge, And Blue Book

I have already mentioned that at the beginning of its appearance, many thought that the appearance of UFOs was the work of Germany during the second world war. But this theory began to be doubted because after World War II ended and Germany lost, UFO sightings were increasingly visible.

This sighting was taken seriously by the United States government at that time who was trying to find out where the UFO came from. The United States government did not play around until it launched various investigations into UFO incidents that occurred in various regions of America.

There have been three mass investigations by the United States government, namely Project Sign, Project Grudge, and Project Blue Book since 1948, each of which yielded surprising conclusions.

The first investigation was conducted in 1948 under the leadership of General Nathan Farragut Twining of the United States Air Force. The project was originally called Project Saucer, but was later changed (because the name was too controversial) to Project Sign. At that time the United States government began to worry that the UFO would later threaten the country's national security.

At first they thought the UFO seen was a secret weapon belonging to the Soviet Union, which at that time was involved in the Cold War with the United States. It is possible that the Soviet Union succeeded in stealing German technology during the second world war after conquering Germany in WWII.

But at the end of the investigation, Project Sign actually reached a surprising conclusion, namely that the UFO sightings were not the work of the Soviet Union, but came from outer space in other words: Aliens.

Not satisfied with the controversial results of Project Sign, the US government then launched another investigation, namely Project Grudge. This project is referred to as the Debunking Project or rejects the results of the first investigation.

The project concludes that these UFO sightings are just natural phenomena and are misinterpretations or misunderstandings by eyewitnesses.

The latest investigation conducted by the United States government is called Project Blue Book. The government was careful enough in carrying out this investigation that it was willing to take a long time, from 1952 to 1969, so that they could carefully examine the UFO sightings and draw conclusions that completely satisfied all parties.

Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, head of the project, came to three conclusions:

First, of all the UFO sightings recorded in America and investigated and evaluated by the United States Air Force, it was concluded that they are not a threat to national security. Second, there is no evidence that these UFO sightings came from high-tech aircraft, far from those that humans already have. Third, there is no evidence that these UFO sightings came from outer space.

The results may not be enough to quench the thirst of the general public, but they are enough to satisfy the curiosity of government officials.

Since this project concludes that UFOs, even if they exist, do not threaten the very existence of the United States military, there is no need to worry and can simply ignore them.

Although there are still plot holes in this report. Project Blue Book handles more than 12,000 reports of UFO sightings. Most can be explained as natural phenomena such as the movement of stars, clouds, to their own military planes. However, they cannot deny that about 701 reports are classified as reports that cannot be explained by common sense.

That's my discussion this time About the Mystery Behind UFOs: The Aliens.