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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Best Conversation Topics When Approaching the Woman You Like


Best Conversation Topics When Approaching the Woman You Like

This time I will discuss about Best Conversation Topics When Approaching the Woman You Like.

Have you ever felt out of topic to chat with the woman you like? Whether it's when chatting or communicating directly, what is certain in the end will ask that again and again, the impression is boring.

So if you haven't been able to establish pleasant communication, don't be surprised if the woman you like starts replying with only short answers. Although deep down you really want to get to know her better, but when you are close to her or when you talk to her you are at a loss for words.

This can ruin your fight to win her over, so be smart about finding topics to talk about so it doesn't sound monotonous.

Best Conversation Topics When Approaching the Woman You Like

There are actually a lot of small talk topics that can make the woman you like feel at home for a long time chatting or even chatting with you. Then what kind of topics of conversation can attract women's attention? Well, here are some of the best tips that I recommend for you and you can try:

First: Talk about her favorite activity

Her favorite activity or hobby will be a magnet that will bring you closer to the woman you like, because usually everyone will be excited when they tell you about her hobbies, favorite activities or other things.

If you don't really know her habits and preferences, you can pay attention to her social media. For example, she often uploads her activities or hobbies and favorites on several of her social media, so from there you can know more or less, right?

And through this topic too, who knows you may also find the same interests as her. Especially if you have the same hobbies as her, who knows you both have hobbies watching movies, playing games, traveling, painting, etc. And she will definitely enjoy talking to you, especially about the things you and she are passionate about.

Second: Favorite movie or TV show

Is there a TV in the house? Well, of course every day you have time to just watch TV, so what's next? Do you already know her favorite show or genre of movie?

Favorite movies are also an interesting topic to talk about, so if you already know a little about one of her favorite movie genres, then this point can be a fun topic of conversation. You can discuss it from A to Z and can even recommend or discuss what movies and series are interesting to watch.

Don't think this is a simple thing, because it turns out that this can make you more familiar and it's possible that it can even be an opportunity to take her to the cinema together. It doesn't matter whether you like the movie or not, the most important thing is that you can invite her to hang out.

Third: Talking about news or hot topics

Well, this is to be able to talk about issues, news or topics that are currently being discussed, you must often follow the latest news.

At least you have to be diligent in watching news programs, infotainment or reading articles on the internet. So you have to be diligent in adding insight, after all, there is nothing to lose at all if you know a lot about many things.

Fourth: Favorite food

From tongue to heart and with the topic of favorite food, who doesn't love to eat? Especially if you and she both like culinary topics. Well, you can use this opportunity to get closer to the woman you like.

Who knows you and she might even take her on a culinary tour to places she's never been to, so the atmosphere becomes more intimate, unless you know she's on a diet, meaning you don't have to talk about it, so change the topic and talk about something else.

Fifth: Music

Almost everyone likes music, although not everyone can sing but definitely like listening to music, right?

Then you can talk about her favorite genre of music first, even if you are good at singing and good at playing guitar, you can show her your skills.

Because many women also like to see men who are good at singing, let alone can play musical instruments, it can be an added value for you, especially if you have the same taste in music.

And that will actually make it easier for you to get closer, because you can definitely make this topic longer than you planned.

Sixth: Travel experience

There's nothing wrong if you exchange travel stories by mentioning which cities you've visited and then which dream city or country you want to visit.

You can describe your experience of visiting a place, what pleasant things you found there, and what was interesting about the place you visited.

You can also provoke her to tell what interesting things she experienced while traveling because who knows, next time you can travel together.

Seventh: Childhood experience

If you want to talk about this topic, you should start with yourself, it can be a silly thing or a funny thing that you have experienced. For example, you were bad boy when you were a child and then you were punished with funny things, and so on.

Eighth: Talking about your qualities

It's okay to want to show your best character qualities, but remember, that doesn't mean you have to brag about showing off all your best qualities to her.

You have to stay humble and not make yourself look arrogant and show off and it never hurts to speak up and point out your positive qualities, as well as your flaws and who knows she will be more enthusiastic?

For example, you can describe your current job, does it match your childhood dream, for example, when you were a child, you wanted to become a doctor, but you are now a pilot or your dream is to become a body surgeon, but you now a mechanical surgeon.

Explain the reason why this happened or you can tell a little about the advantages that made you able to put your current work position, and don't forget to invite her to tell you about herself too.

About the advantages she has and whether she has achieved, what she dreamed of as a child, but avoid talking about the advantages and disadvantages of her body.

Women will be very sensitive if the topic of conversation is related to body deficiencies. If you insist on talking about her body flaws then 1000% sure you will be judged as a man who talks a lot and if you continue to talk about her body flaws, you will be judged as a person who can't respect others.

Ninth: About the future

If you want to get into the topic of this discussion, make sure you and her are close enough, so, a woman definitely likes a man who has a bright future.

For example, for the next few years, what do you want to achieve, for example, you want to get married at the age of 30, you want to have your own house, you want to have a better car, or you want to have your own business.

Exchanging stories and then asking what goals she wants to achieve in the future and what wishes she wants to fulfill. After all, women really like a man who is full of ambition but remember you have to be consistent with what you say and don't just talk nonsense just to impress her.


Choosing an interesting topic of conversation is actually quite easy, it's just that bringing it into the topic is sometimes quite difficult.

If you are new to her, then discuss light topics first, then once you feel close enough and familiar, you can discuss more personal things.

That's what I wrote about Best Conversation Topics When Approaching the Woman You Like.