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Friday, August 27, 2021

Characteristics of a Disappointed Woman in the Man She Loves

Characteristics of a Disappointed Woman in the Man She Loves

This time I will discuss about Characteristics of a Disappointed Woman in the Man She Loves.

Disappointment is a feeling that is hard to forget and just ignore. Disappointment even though it looks simple, but in reality it is very difficult to accept it gracefully.

Especially if behind the disappointment, there is a big enough hope. If feelings of disappointment are stored in a woman's heart, it will not be easy for her to come to terms with those feelings of disappointment.

Characteristics of a Disappointed Woman in the Man She Loves

Although there are women who are good at hiding the disappointment they feel, there are also those who are unable to cover up their disappointment so that it is very clear in their body language and behavior. Want to know more about the characteristics of women who are disappointed in men? Check out the following discussion.

She cries

Crying is the first characteristic shown by a woman who is hit by disappointment. Only by crying feelings of disappointment can be overflowed and can also relieve a congested heart a little. If you see your woman lover cry at your attitude, know that she is really in a state of disappointment.

She Turning away from you

She turning away from you after facing the reality of what is happening is a sign that the woman you are with is hiding her disappointment. Maybe she is a woman who can hide tears, but believe that behind you there will be tears that she sheds freely herself, without anyone knowing.

She's more quiet

The hallmark of a woman being disappointed in the next man is when the man turns out to be more quiet than usual. Even though she said it was fine, those words were hiding the truth. A feeling where she is actually disappointed, but doesn't want to appear tough and doesn't want to make her lover worry. This is where the sensitivity of a man is questioned.

There are two things behind a woman's silence, namely because she does not want to make a fuss and fight or because she is tired of the disappointment she repeatedly feels because of what you have done. Therefore, apologize immediately and don't disappoint her again, the feeling of disappointment that keeps repeating will be the cause of the couple changing.

She became anger

A common feature of a woman's disappointment is anger. Anger is an outlet that many women express when facing disappointment.

Moreover, feelings of disappointment associated with the trust and loyalty and betrayal of their partner. The reason why your lover suddenly gets angry for no reason can also be because of the feelings of disappointment she experienced without you realizing it.

So, if your lover is angry because of you, accept it as a consequence of your actions. Don't get angry or even yell at her which can actually turn her disappointment into hatred.

She disappeared without a word

Another thing that a woman also usually does when she is disappointed is to be alone. After being let down by you, don't be surprised if she suddenly disappears without a word. She needed to calm down to be able to come to terms with the disappointment she felt. If your mistake is not fatal, it will return to you immediately.

However, keep trying to find her presence as a form of your concern that is precisely what women expect at times like that. In a situation like this, you may need to know how to deal with a lover who is difficult to get along with.

Her demeanor became cold

It's not impossible if her attitude suddenly turns cold towards you. It is also natural for a woman who is being hit by disappointment.

Most men don't understand this and often get angry with women. Unwittingly she is the cause of the disappointment felt by her partner.

She is often silent and pensive

In addition to being more silent when with you, women who are disappointed with their men are also more silent and pensive. Of course, because of a deep sense of disappointment that might erode her trust or erode her hopes that she gave completely to you. If you really care about your woman, surely you will understand her feelings at that moment.

She did something unusual

For some women, disappointment can be expressed in other ways. Like doing things she doesn't normally do to get rid of the turmoil in her heart. Like traveling alone, busying yourself with your own hobbies or taking it out on negative things as a form of activity you do when she has bored.

That's what I wrote about Characteristics of a Disappointed Woman in the Man She Loves.