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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Characteristics of women who still hope to be loved by men who don't love her


Characteristics of women who still hope to be loved by men who don't love her

This time I will discuss about Characteristics of women who still hope to be loved by men who don't love her.

The end of a relationship clearly sever the love rope between a man and a woman. However, the end of a romantic relationship cannot simply erase a woman's love.

For some women, there are still feelings of love and affection that they have for a man who has just ended a relationship with her and this is a woman's fact after breaking up with her lover.

Indeed, the love that has been planted in the heart cannot be erased in a matter of hours to days. In fact, there are women who still hope in the man who has been by her side for a long time. She continued to wait and hope that her lover was back with her.

Characteristics of women who still hope to be loved by men who don't love her

What are the characteristics of a woman who still hopes for the man she loves?

She chose to be single

A woman who still expects her ex-lover to return to her will choose to remain single even though the relationship between her and her lover has ended for a long time. This is done so that the man can see that no other man can replace him.

At the same time also to illustrate that there is still an opportunity to return to him. I do not know how long she will maintain her solitude, which obviously will last a long time.

She still gives her attention

The characteristics of a woman who still hopes for her ex can be seen clearly from her attitude. Even though she broke up, she still showed her care without hesitation.

The man who became her ex will really feel this attention. She still acts like nothing happened between her and her ex.

She shows her concern

Besides still giving the same attention as before breaking up, she also still shows her concern for her ex.

Even her still very caring attitude could be seen by those around her. She will immediately help her ex who is in trouble without being asked. Or she will help without her ex knowing if her ex won't allow her to help.

She feels happy when the man she likes approaches her

Even though this ex is approaching because it is not a personal matter, she will feel very happy which can be seen from the look on her face. It doesn't matter in what context her ex has to meet her, still being able to chat and talk to her ex is a pleasure in itself.

She withdraws from other men

She will also withdraw from other men who want to be close to her. The reason other than she doesn't want to be in a relationship is because she doesn't want her ex to think she's forgotten about him.

Although the reality is not necessarily like that, but what is clear is that this is the woman's own desire. There was no chance for other men to approach her.

She's still trying to contact

I don't know what the reason was when the love relationship ended, but the woman still tried to contact the man for various reasons.

The most common is for reasons of wanting to be in a relationship. Especially if it turns out that the man is still single. So there is no reason for women to hold back and hope in the man who has become her ex.

She still has fond memories of her ex

Another thing that a woman who still has hope for her ex does is keep all the memories of her ex-lover in the past. Whether it's memories in the form of objects from the past that are still well preserved and cared for.

If you see a woman who still has memories of her ex, you will know how much she hopes to be able to get back into a relationship with the man she loves.

She's still the same

Nothing has changed from a woman's attitude to her ex. The hope she was still pushing for had not changed at all.

You will see she will do the same as before. She is also still willing to sacrifice with you even though you have hurt her by ending the relationship just like that. Isn't this a sign that she has true love worthy of your consideration?

She is jealous to see a man who is still expected to be close to another woman

The reason women still put their hope in men is of course because of love, it's natural for her to feel jealous when there are other women who are close to the man she likes.

The characteristics of a jealous woman that are clearly visible are expressions of dislike that are visible from facial expressions. The more she couldn't hide her jealousy, the more hope she had for him.

That's what I wrote about Characteristics of women who still hope to be loved by men who don't love her.