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Monday, August 9, 2021

How to Become Successful Quickly in Anything


How to Become Successful Quickly in Anything

This time in the Talk category session I will discuss about How to Become Successful Quickly in Anything.

Each of you will always look for ways to quickly succeed in achieving your dreams and goals in any case. Although everyone's definition of success is different, how to achieve or make it happen is always interesting to discuss.

How to Become Successful Quickly in Anything

Goals and dreams can be short-term, for example wanting to be able to speak in public, have foreign language skills, pass exams, get promotions and goals or dreams can be medium-term and long-term such as having a good vehicle, traveling the world, etc.


Call it all the goals or life targets you want to achieve. So, goals describe all your dreams, desires and aspirations.

The motivational experts and billionaires of the world have often stated that you all have to dream big, dream big at all. There are many resources you can read and hear about how you can set your big goals and dreams.

How to Become Successful Quickly in Anything


The question is, do you already have a goal? If not, have it now and set your goals because there is good news for you. This good news is only for you and you can use to help you realize your dreams, become a successful person.

The development of knowledge about Neuroplasticity gives the good news that you can re-knit the knots in your brain and achieve what you aspire to which is to realize your dreams and this is the way to get success quickly with the science of Neuroplasticity.


First, what is neuroplasticity? For simplicity, we refer to neuroplasticity as brain plasticity, i.e. the capacity of neural organizations in the mind to change through development and redesign.

Over the years, you may have heard and believed that the human brain stops growing and stops changing as an adult. The breakthrough discovery of neuroplasticity shows that your brain is actually designed to change throughout your life.

How to Become Successful Quickly in Anything

In other words, your brain can develop and continue to change no matter how old you are and where you are now. In fact, your brain is repairing itself as you read this and this time I will discuss it more deeply. .

How the Brain Works 

When you think or do something over and over again, your brain is actually changing the arrangement of its nerve fibers. Your environment, experiences, emotions, attitudes, self-talk, all of your perceptions can make your brain undergo change and growth.

Amazingly, it turns out that your brain grows and changes based on the feedback you put inside and outside of yourself to form a new neural network that will then impact your life.

How to Become Successful Quickly in Anything

Everything you think, feel, or do can imprint or change your brain because you control it, consciously or not. Then, your brain will in turn influence everything you think, feel, or do to further renew and change your brain again.

That's the novelty about neuroplasticity which states that feedback to the brain will affect your attitudes and actions, which in turn will affect your brain again. Just like an endless chain of loops.


Negative Thoughts Attract Negative Results: Here's an illustration to make it easier for you to understand.

Say, there is an employee named John. One day he woke up very early even though last night he couldn't sleep well because today he had to make a presentation in his office.

When John wakes up in the morning, John feels that today will be an ordinary day even though he has the desire to make his presentation a success at the office.

John got up, showered, got dressed, had breakfast, and anxiously prepared his presentation for fear that it would turn out badly. John was so afraid of the results of his presentation.

While driving to work, he feels anxious and keeps thinking that he is far from the best, even though he has a goal of wanting his presentation to be successful.

When he met his boss, John was still smiling, but in his mind the negative thoughts kept raging so that he couldn't give a good presentation today. Long story short, John did a presentation and as expected his presentation didn't go well.

Always try to be positive: Well this is interesting, John is not surprised by the results of his poor presentation because he never thought and felt he could do a good presentation.

At the end of the day, John came home annoyed, watched TV and then went to bed. This is an endless circle. John simply pulled back from his brain what he had entered or programmed into it and what he ordered to reappear when he was about to make a presentation.

In doing so, John's brain recorded one more failure which would be stored amplifying the negativity of his mind, to be recalled later when needed.

If John always gives positive input into his brain, through repetition and repetition of positive words so that he can give a good presentation, then his presentation can be much better.

Therefore, you must always want to be alert and pay attention to every word and repetition you give yourself.

Notice, if you always give yourself kind and positive words, they will be imprinted in your mind and you can use them to produce something good.

So, be aware to think and say nice things to yourself. Don't do it the other way around. However, there are still certain rules that you should use.

The Rules of How to Succeed Quickly

Well, you can see and feel that if you purposely want to fill your brain with the right words then it can make you work better. And because of that, you can help yourself achieve your goals by following the following rules of the game as a way to quickly succeed in achieving anything.

There are the following seven rules that you must follow as a way to stay successful. You can use these seven rules as a new way or to complement the way you've achieved your goals so far.

  • Awareness

The first rule of thumb is the realization that you can consciously organize and manage your thoughts. In other words, you are aware that every message you give to your brain will be recorded in your brain.

Therefore, you have full awareness to create stronger and better programs in your brain. Therefore, you are aware and aware that there are only positive, healthy and productive messages for your brain.

In other words, you will always be sober and only say good things to yourself. In short, you are aware and know that your goals are important to you, and you want your brain to be aware of them because of your commands.

  • Control Options

The second rule, you have to understand that you are in control of your brain. With complete control, you will always choose to only put positive things into your brain.

This choice will repeat and repeat because you will only choose the positive to form good habits in yourself. Since you are the controller of your thoughts, you will not allow negative thoughts and speech to enter your brain.

  • Your Intentions

The third rule is intention because you may rarely start something with strong good intentions. In fact, many smart people always say that intention is important. With intention, you create an idea that you can remember every day.

Because of intention, your brain will look for ways, means and strengths to achieve each of your dreams. Therefore, determine what your intentions are to realize your goals, why?

Have good and strong intentions so that every day is always a prayer for you. The power of intention is a motivation that will not be easily swayed by anything and anyone.

  • Focus

The next rule is focus. Focus means you give the brain a clear picture of your goal. Just like when you take photos with a camera, the more you focus on your camera's lens settings, the sharper and better your photos will be. It is not like that?

Any goal is achievable if you can clearly describe what your goal looks like in your brain. The more focused, the clearer. Therefore, your brain will easily respond and look for ways to quickly succeed in realizing your goals.

Many people can't focus on their goals, for the following reasons: 1. they don't have a detailed picture of what they want, or, 2. they don't know how to put in a detailed picture of what they want in their brains.

Therefore, you must focus and clarify each of your goals in your brain:

The first step is Research: Equip your brain with all the facts from the research. Learn all you can about what your goals are. Currently information can be obtained from any source. What is your goal? Ideal body weight, year-end vacation, regular exercise, extra income? etc.

Research in detail about your goals. What can be done to achieve the goal so you know everything you need about your goal.

Second stage is Writing: Write down each of your goals on paper and preferably, you write them directly with your hands. I suggest you write by hand to engage your senses more and create more neural activity in your brain.

With handwriting, you are more focused, concentrated, and solidify your intentions into your goals. And because of that, your goals become more personal, powerful, and important. If you prefer to write them using the keyboard to the computer, that's fine

Write down your goals in detail. If you are not sure if you have the details, then you can go back to step one, to do further exploration of your goal.

Third step is Talk: Talk about your goals with the right people. Talking about each of your goals can make you aware of the importance of your goals. Also, letting go of your goals will allow you to revisit the mental images you've given your brain.

Through talking, you can re-enter details about your goals into your brain because it means you are repeating your intentions and emotions.

However, you must be careful not to get negative feedback because you are discussing your goals with the wrong people. Your goal may die because of the indifference of the interlocutor.

Only discuss your goals with the right people so you can get positive encouragement and support that will cement positive programs into your brain.

Fourth step is Visualize: In fact, visualization practice is one of the techniques for achieving success that is always recommended by every motivator or person who has succeeded in achieving what he dreams of.

Your brain sees what you imagine clearly as if it were the real thing. How to do good visualization? There are many ways that can be done although there are also many pros and cons regarding visualization because visualization sometimes traps you in fantasy.

However, here I emphasize on how you have to incorporate more positive emotions into your goals to make your goals come alive. So you're not only visualizing, you're amplifying emotion into each of your goals.

Practice practicing the fourth step: In step four, try practicing this simple exercise to make your goals come alive: Start by thinking about the goals you want to achieve.

Then, get a clear picture of what you want to achieve in your mind. And, say the words: 'I love this goal! I can do this! And I can achieve it! Say those words again and this time out loud, giving lots of energy and enthusiasm as you think about your goals.

Say the words again: 'I love this goal! I can do this!, and I can achieve it! Think about how great your feelings and emotions are about your goal. Raise your shoulders, lift your chin with determination, take a deep breath, see yourself succeed and achieve the goal.

Then, when you have a goal in mind and you can clearly picture it in your mind, repeat the words with as many positive emotions as possible.

Note that if you can do this simple exercise repeatedly every day for a few days, you will begin to feel that your goal is getting stronger.

Repeat again and again. Imagine how you would feel if you could achieve your goal. That way, you can really convince yourself how important it is to you to achieve your goals.

To amplify your feelings and emotions, you can use music that you like. Choose music that can give you positive emotions, inspire and lift your spirits. The stronger the emotion you create, the stronger and more indelible your goal will be.

The fifth step is Get Up and Move: Use physical movement to improve your mental state and create more positive emotions. Movement such as walking, running, aerobics, or other movements can add stronger and healthier emotions.

Increase physical exercise. Strong, positive, and immediate physical movement will add and strengthen the emotional drive and be the way to quickly succeed in anything.

  • Repetition

The fifth rule is repetition. Your brain will form all the new neural pathways through repetition because that's how the brain works.

That's why people say practice makes perfect. With many repetitions of the exercise, what you are practicing becomes a new and permanent part of your brain circuit. Through repetition, you make improvements to yourself and with repetition you turn your old habits into new ones that are useful and long term.

  • Certain

Lastly, make sure you believe in your goals. Confident people are people who can get positive results because they want to work better than people who have no faith at all.

With belief, they create more powerful neural circuits in their brains than people without belief. If you want to be successful over time, you must consistently instill faith in yourself.

Even if you don't have faith right now, you can build your belief slowly. It doesn't have to be instant because you can at any time, you can decide, 'I choose to believe and believe'.


Many successful people and billionaires say that you have to know what you want, what your goals are. That's the quick way to success. Furthermore, the development of neuroplasticity knowledge provides a new fact that the human brain is always experiencing development and growth.

Therefore, how to become a successful person you can start with strong and good intentions so that he is recorded in your brain and the brain can direct you to the right path in an effort to achieve your goals.

Then, your goal should be focused. This means that you can create a clear definition of the picture of the goals you want to achieve. So that the goal can be clear, then do the steps: research, write, talk, visualize with clear emotions and strengthen it with physical movements.

That's my discussion this time about How to Become Successful Quickly in Anything.