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Friday, August 13, 2021

How to make your lover afraid of losing you


How to make your lover afraid of losing you

This time I will discuss about How to make your lover afraid of losing you.

In a relationship there must be such a thing as the fear of losing, although everyone is different, there may be a woman who is very afraid of losing her lover because she loves him so much.

There are also woman who are more indifferent and take more care of their image, there are also those who are mediocre and cold to their lover or maybe at this time there are those who feel that your lover can be said to care about you but not the same as before, and not to mention, Usually in a relationship will there are always problems that come and go.

How to make your lover afraid of losing you

So you have to understand this, how to make your lover love you more and be afraid to lose a man like you. Some of these tips that you might be able to therapy or try to use as weapons to make your lover submissive and of course afraid of losing you:

First: Don't have too much contact with her

I understand in a relationship that maintaining communication is very important, but don't overdo it, don't every second, minute, hour, you always call her, because what you do that will make her bored with you.

Be careful wrong steps, don't let her be in a bad mood for you because you contact her excessively so call her only as necessary. And remember that you and she have each other's lives to live, so it's more about respecting each other like that.

Yes, as I said before, frequent communication is indeed one way to bond, but if you do too much, until sometimes it doesn't make sense, she will get bored.

If you want to make her feel afraid of losing you, you have to be smart to set the intensity for contacting her. Unless it's something really important, remember to set the intensity but don't silence it and it's totally different, and this is not to play with it but because you definitely have other things to do and need to be done and this will actually make her who will look for you.

Second, Don't play with feelings

Don't play with your lover's feelings, because many people often misstep, meaning that your lover is afraid of losing you, then you pretend to spread charm or flirt with other women so that you think she will be jealous and even more afraid of losing you. That is the wrong way and not very classy, ​​this way will not make your lover afraid of losing you but on the contrary you will look fake, and not nice.

If you like to play with your lover's feelings then I guarantee she will be very sick of you because you are acting weird. So instead of you (sorry) doing stupid things like that, you better move on by trying to organize your social life to make it look attractive and elegant again.

Third: Keep yourself busy with positive things

So, that you don't get carried away with missing her, because maybe if you miss her, you can't stand it and want to keep in touch with her, right? So try to be busy.

For example, you can try to build a business, look for opportunities to deepen your career, hang out with friends, pursue a hobby or try to find a new hobby like watching movies, reading books, enjoying your world and the point is that you don't always depend on it.

With your busy life, it can be very useful to fill your free time, both financially and non-financially, for example, you become happier, those who are already happy can become happier and are calculated to improve themselves.

In the end you have interesting values ​​and automatically when you have or have interesting values, not only your lover will feel proud and become more attracted to you but also other people, and if that happens your lover will be afraid, afraid of losing you because you are interesting. But no matter how busy you are, you and your loved one have the right to enjoy time together.

Fourth: Be a smart person

It's not just cool, you have to be smart, because everyone likes smart people, because if you're smart you'll be a chat buddy who is definitely connected, fun and balanced. So make your lover also not bored with you because any communication will connect with you.

So be diligent in updating the information that is happening, namely the hype that is booming, often reading, reading books or viewing the news and of course being sensitive to the surrounding conditions. Well, if you have improved yourself, it is guaranteed that your lover will be super afraid of losing you.

Fifth: Stay focused and don't forget to organize your social life

Life is not just about the world of love or romance, you don't have to be with your lover every second, because this will make you become dependent on her.

So if you become dependent later, you can't escape from her sight, you'll stick like glue, example if she don't reply your messages, you get angry and suspicious. Then when she's busy doing her work with her friends, you're already burning with jealousy, restless and unexplained with the excuse of being lonely.

Most people when they feel less attention from their lover, they will seek attention or start bombarding with lots of questions, this is because your self-confidence has unconsciously decreased, so you start guessing or suspecting your lover.

So you should organize your social life, focus on building relationships while keeping in touch with your closest friends, traveling with them, having fun together by discussing business, etc.

You have to have your own priorities in life, have a social life that you have to live, so let each of you develop for the better in the future.

But remember there is something you have to pay attention to, so when you are with your lover, do the best quality time possible, spend a truly memorable time for both of you.

When you do quality time then forget for a moment each other's social life and just focus on your lover. So let all the problems or whatever it is, focus on spending quality time for you and your lover so that you can be closer to her and connect for sure.

Sixth: Always take care of appearance

Surely when your status is still single, you must always look attractive, right? Where are you who always take care of yourself, then you don't hesitate to buy body care products, clean, smell good, neat and look attractive.

Well, even though you are not single anymore, don't forget that habit, even if you feel relaxed because maybe your lover is the type of woman who is not fussy and never complains to you.

But even though your lover accepts you as you are, there's nothing wrong with keeping your appearance, because by taking care of and paying attention to your appearance, your lover will also love you more.

Seventh: Firm

Men need to be firm so that your lover doesn't act alone with you, don't give your lover a room where she has the potential to cheat on you or hurt you at will, so if you see any potential in that direction, be firm.

For example, you have seen your lover chatting with many other men and the chats are not like normal chats, unnatural chats, the chats are almost intimate, flirty and super warm. You can tell which chats make sense and which don't.

If this has the potential to lead to something bad and this is where you need to be a firm man, give her a few sentences that make her think more deeply, tell her that maybe you can't go on with things, can't be like this all the time if she still can't change , still continue to play with your feelings and make you hurt or not respect you as a lover.

This will make her think again and again, and it will also give you high marks, so if your lover really agrees to break up with you, you should be grateful to be able to let go of such a woman.


That's what I wrote about How to make your lover afraid of losing you, So how do you know how you can treat your lover's heart?

Yes, sometimes you just need to try a little more to make her understand what you really mean in her life, so that she will understand how precious you are to her.