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Friday, August 13, 2021

How to Tell the Woman You Like That You Love Her


How to Tell the Woman You Like That You Love Her

This time I will discuss about How to Tell the Woman You Like That You Love Her.

If you have someone special in your life, and you are ready to express your feelings to her then you must read this article till the end.

You want to let her know you love her through chat, phone or video call, all three ways are fine, but I advise you to let her know you love her by meeting her in person.

I'm sure many of you don't have the guts to do it? it is okay. You can use any means to tell her that you love her as long as you are comfortable and okay with her.

How to Tell the Woman You Like That You Love Her

Well, these tips can be used when you want to say that you love her, be it meeting her in person, using the phone, etc. Just choose what is best for you and the important thing is that your relationship will be more beautiful.

 1. Look for Signs If He Also Likes You

Before you even start talking about Love, there are a few things you should ask yourself, does she like and feel the same way you feel? If you're not sure if she's going to respond to your feelings in the same way, my advice is to give her more time.

Don't be in a hurry, where are you going in a hurry? If you do something in a hurry without reading a signal from her, then you may get a refusal from her.

If you're ready to tell her you love her, I'm sure you've gone through the process of dating and approaching her. And I don't think you've only seen her for a day or a few hours and have decided to tell her that you love her?

So during the process of approaching and dating, you should pay more attention to these kinds of signals for which I will give you a few examples:

First, she's telling all your friends that she likes you and, Well, If she goes around all your friends and says she likes you, Well, that means she's ready for the next step.

Second, she remembers a lot of details about you, if she often surprises you with things you like, she remembers the name of your favorite band, your favorite food, or your favorite video game, whatever you like, she knows it. Yeah, it seems like she really likes you and it's obvious she cares about you a lot.

Third, she can't be too far from you, if she wants to see you at least a few times a week, and very often she's the one initiating most of the conversations and chats, that's a green light for you.

It's all about a few examples, and if I went over them one by one, it would be too much. So my advice before you say I love you to a woman, make sure to find out more details about her, does she have the same feelings as you? Why? So you can minimize the chances of rejection.

So when is the right time to say I love you to her? It must be a time when your close relationship is very special, when you've been hanging out and dating for a while, when your woman has given you the green light and finally when you're ready to do it yourself.

2. Appearance

Once you get a green light signal from her, the second thing you have to think about is appearance. Don't you want to say that you love her? therefore you have to think from head to toe, do you already have a maximum appearance like neat, clean and fragrant?

Because the first impression is very important when you want to say I love you to her. Be the best of you, for example, if you are looking for a job, do you need to dress well and look good? Of course it is necessary and of course you will consider appearance as your top priority.

First impressions are very important, even when looking for a job you have to dress neatly and cleanly, especially when you want to apply? To talk about proposing another time, now we are talking about saying you love her.

When I say about dressing well, it doesn't mean that you have to dress very well and be super clean until the time the lizard sticks to your clothes and body, it will slide and fall because your clothes are too slick and clean, Not like that. And you don't need to put a lot of perfume or put a bottle of perfume that will give the effect of an excessive smell, so the perfume used is only a few sprays, because perfume is not for drinking.

3. Make sure you choose the right moment and time

This is a special moment to tell her about your feelings, it is something serious to say to her, so choose the right time and plan well.

Set a time in advance, the right time to say that you love her, and also look for situations and conditions. It could be that she is in a bad mood, upset or having a bad day, and here you appear talking about love?

It would be very lucky if she could respond in a positive way. What if she threw all her anger and rage at you? Therefore, you must definitely find the right time.

You need to wait when she is in a good mood, relax and make sure she doesn't have too many thoughts on her mind because timing is everything.

4. Bring a Little Surprise

It's just an option and something that's not mandatory and remember, it's not mandatory, so you can either do it with a little surprise or you don't take it with you that's fine too. For information, women usually like surprises even small surprises they want.

Example: you can bring her chocolates, dolls, flowers, jewelry or other, or maybe you know what she likes, her favorite things, things she likes, surprises are not only material things, but you can take her to romantic places or places that beautiful or you can take her to her favorite place, and be nice to her so she will feel that you care, love and you are serious.

5. Start a Conversation

Pay attention to your conversation, because this is not easy. When you want to tell her, it's like you're telling her that you love her, so during a conversation, you can suddenly get nervous but that's okay because it's normal.

Nervousness is actually okay as long as it doesn't last long. Yes, why do you need to pay attention to the conversation? The main reason is not just to melt the tension, if possible to close your relationship with her, so that the two of you are closer.

Starting from choosing a topic or words, you should be able to take a lot of attention and it would be better if you find a topic that you both understand, so you don't freeze and break up in the middle of a conversation and it's best if your topic is filled with funny jokes, full of jokes so that you both can laugh and make it a light and easy joke.

6. It's time to express your feelings to her

Finally, this is the long-awaited historical moment, it's time to express your feelings for her. This is the moment when your heart starts pounding and your mind is ready with a sweet conversational weapon to talk to it.

Remember, you should use sweet and meaningful words and not talk too much and nonsense. Before starting to speak, take a deep breath to relax, don't forget to make eye contact while speaking.

Star to tell her immediately like this:

You: You know how to say I love you in German?

Her: I love you (in German)

You: That's right! I love you too (in German), do you want to be my lover?

Or for example her name is Jane and then you tell her this, Jane, be my lover? Or you could say something like this: Jane, I really like you and I want us to be more than just friends. If she replies by saying, are you kidding now? then you reply with an answer: I'm serious!

Then all you have to do next is tell her why you like him? Explain to him thoroughly why you really like her from the little things to the specific things you love about her. It could be that you like her for her demeanor, her character that catches your eye or you may like her because she is funny and humorous, you have to tell her.

The thing you should pay attention to is to avoid praising her appearance too much when the love talk is still going on. That's not to say you can't compliment her like: "Your eyes are so beautiful, your eyes are amazing and you're so beautiful," it doesn't matter, the most important thing is not to talk about her body so much that she doesn't feel like an object.

7. Be Prepared For Any Responses And Be Patient

So, if you've managed to express your feelings to her, the next thing you have to do is just be mentally prepared and patient, and never force her to respond to you right away.

Because not all women can immediately reply and respond to you and it could be for their own reasons. So be patient and give her time to think, then let her process and digest all of your words and respond on her own schedule.

Let her decide for herself, and if you force her, she may think you're selfish because you're too demanding for answers.

Even though you've tried to be patient but still you get rejection from her, don't be sad, don't be confused, don't be heartbroken, and don't show angry facial movements. Respect her decision and think your struggle is still far away, you should immediately go and find another woman you can fight for.

The things you should do when you are rejected by her, always treat her well as before you told her that you love her and be a respectable man.

Whatever the decision, you should be proud of yourself because you are brave enough to express your feelings and whatever the consequences, at least she already knows about your feelings for her.

That's what I wrote about How to Tell the Woman You Like That You Love Her.