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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Is it true that people who have cheated will cheat again?

Is it true that people who have cheated will cheat again?

This time I will discuss about Is it true that people who have cheated will cheat again?

Many people think that people who have cheated can no longer be trusted. Maybe some of you have said: Who can guarantee that he or she won't do the same thing in the future?

And this causes many people who prefer to divorce after their partner's is caught cheating, rather than repairing the relationship with their partner. But is it true that people who cheat will cheat again? The short answer from me to this question is NO.

In fact, people who have cheated before are more likely to cheat again than people who have never cheated. But if people who cheated will definitely cheat again, that's definitely not true. This is just as people who have stolen tend to steal back more easily than people who have never stolen.

Is it true that people who have cheated will cheat again?

But before we delve deeper into this topic, it helps us understand the ins and outs of the following infidelity:

Definition and Types of Infidelity

Cheating is a secret physical or emotional closeness with someone other than a partner and this definition is very accurate and interesting, but it also leads us to understand that infidelity is a spectrum, and here there are different types and degrees of infidelity.

Based on the level, I identify at least six types of infidelity which fall into two broad categories: emotional infidelity and physical infidelity and the details are as follows:

Emotional Affairs

Infidelity is still a feeling stage, there is no physical action that shows a love relationship. Flirting: the abuser uses words or actions to try to seduce and get the desired target.

Affair in the heart: this type of friendship with someone is secret and deeper than friendship with a partner. Usually, the perpetrator and the target have talked to each other, and are comfortable with each other, even more comfortable than their own partner. At this stage, the abuser may have fallen in love with him or her best friend, or the target may have fallen in love with the abuser.

Often for a loyal partner this incident is accidental, and if he or she likes his or her partner, he or she tries to deny it. This is actually good and appropriate if followed up by stopping this natural attempt to approach his or her best friend. But usually it's not easy to do because you're already in love. It takes a strong commitment and determination to stop this affair in the heart.

Physical Affairs

Infidelity that has involved physical activity that shows a lover's relationship, between the perpetrator (the person who cheated on him or her) and the target (the affair).

Dating: going out together, or a double date (to cover up their infidelity). Although done repeatedly but their physical touch has not reached a deeper physical relationship.

One night stand: Having physical intercourse, even if only for one night. One night stands can happen with new people or people you already know. Sometimes it gets carried away by drunkenness, but maybe also because the moral wall of the culprit is breaking down and allowing it to happen.

However, the one night stand actor was not emotionally involved with her one night partner. But if it happens repeatedly, then the culprit is included in the category of serial cheaters.

Falling in love: This category includes infidelity that is quite severe. The abuser has fallen in love with an affair and has a deeper and repeated physical relationship with her partner. Not infrequently also involves a lot of money given for an affair, including for example a place to live, etc.

Serial cheaters: This type is a person who is emotionally involved or not, but often has physical relationships with many people even though they are married. Like connoisseurs of strumpet, and heavy playboy types fall into this category. Not surprisingly, the perpetrators of this type are often narcissists or even psychopaths or sociopaths.

Now from that category, only serial cheaters will almost certainly have another affair, while the remaining five will not necessarily repeat it again.

But there is another problem, it turns out that cheating is addictive and if caught, the injured partner will experience symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Addiction and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of infidelity

What many people don't understand is that infidelity is addictive, especially when it comes to enjoying a deep physical relationship.

A beautiful relationship, whether it's a comfortable vent or a deeper physical connection, will fill again, again and again. Makes people like crazy people who can't resist the temptation to have an affair even though they still want to build a good household with their wife or husband.

This is what makes people who cheat seem to lose their minds and he or she seems to be bewitched because he or she keeps repeating the affair and secret communication with his lover.

On the other hand, for cheating partners, when they find out about their affair, they will experience symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the typical symptoms of which are insomnia, nightmares, flashbacks – certain triggers that make them remember the incident. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder experienced is very similar to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder experienced by soldiers returning from the battlefield.

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