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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Men's Dressing Mistakes That Ruined His Appearance


Men's Dressing Mistakes That Ruined His Appearance

This time I will discuss about Men's Dressing Mistakes That Ruined His Appearance.

For most people, looking cool and stunning is the main key that will make them more confident.

Appearance is very important especially for you modern guys, but there are also many people who don't care about their own appearance, even though maintaining appearance is a good thing, not only for personal satisfaction but also important for your life, starting from developing your career, then to attract someone you like to increase your influence.

But are you aware that sometimes you make mistakes in dressing that you don't realize, these mistakes can occur in daily activities.

Sometimes guys or girls really like to wear whatever clothes they feel comfortable and lazy to mess around or bother thinking about matching clothes.

Have you ever thought like you think that men don't need to think much about appearance, even though sometimes the results can be disappointing. For example, you can be the center of attention in a negative sense or you can lose a good first impression.

About Men's Dressing Mistakes That Ruined His Appearance

A little effort and thoroughness to improve your appearance can have a big impact on your personality. Here's a row of men's mistakes in dressing, which I've summarized to be simple and easy to understand:

First point: Avoid rolling up your sleeves too much

When you wear a shirt, avoid rolling up your sleeves too much. Rolling the sleeves too much will make the sleeves look too prominent. Sleeves that are too bulging will only make your appearance less neat and less attractive.

Second point: You don't wear socks

If you wear sandals, it might not be a problem if you don't wear socks, but if you wear shoes, it means you have to wear socks, except for certain shoes that don't require socks. Because of what?

Because sweaty feet and getting into shoes can cause your feet to hurt, not to mention it will emit an unpleasant odor, you all know what smells like? Even sometimes people have come out but the smell of their feet still lingers, the smell is like rotten salted squid but more frontal.

Third point: The color of the belt and shoes that don't match

This applies to formal dress styles, when wearing a belt you should not use too many color variations, especially if the color of your shoes and belt is different.

For example, black shoes, but you wear a light brown or yellow belt, surely you wouldn't expect that when you're in a meeting or at the office, everyone will focus on the contrasting color of your belt and shoes?

If you're wearing black shoes, it's a good idea to have a black belt too. If your shoes are a bright color, make sure your belt is also a bright color. Yes, the difference in the color of the belt and shoes will create a contrast that causes a decrease in your professional impression.

Fourth point: Wearing shabby and dirty shoes

Be careful, no matter how perfect your clothes are, if the shoes you wear look worn, shabby or dirty, your appearance will still look messy. Don't let yourself be seen as lazy and disorganized.

Always keep at least two or three pairs of shoes on your shoe rack. So if the shoes are dirty, try washing them, if they are too worn, buy new ones, it's time for your old shoes to retire.

Fifth point: Wrong hairstyle

The selection of hairstyles is of course very important, don't make the wrong choice. Hairstyles that don't match your face shape and even weird ones will make your appearance less than optimal. Therefore, you should really choose a haircut that suits you.

Sixth point: too many bright color combinations

Having color may look attractive, but don't let the clothes you wear have too many colors. What else collide with each other.

For everyday try not to combine too many bright colors. Because it will only give a tacky impression in appearance.

For example, wearing a bright green shirt, yellow pants, purple shoes, red belt, pink hat, white jacket, plus blue glasses, is too colorful, unless you want to go to a certain event or party with a dress code or colorful theme. , no problem.

Suppose you want to join a convoy, want to be an opera actor or want to go to a friend's birthday party and so on. But if you wear it every day, everyone will probably turn to you because of the color contrast in the clothes you wear, so use it according to the occasion of course.

Seventh point: The sleeve covers the watch

If you like to wear watches and happen to be wearing a long-sleeved shirt, we recommend rolling the sleeves up.

Because if the watch is located under the arm it will cover the appearance of your watch, and will cause a bulge in the wrist area which of course will look less good.

Eighth point: Using too many motives

For example, when you wear a polka dot shirt, plaid jacket plus striped pants, it will look too tight on your body.

If you want to wear a patterned shirt or shirt, then choose plain pants. It's better if you want to wear patterned pants, choose a plain top, and if you want to wear a patterned jacket, choose a plain top and pants, so don't mix them all.

Ninth point: Wearing loose undershirts, as underwear when wearing shirts

Do you like to wear underwear in the form of undershirts? If your answer is yes, make sure you are not wearing a loose-fitting undershirt.

Because loose undershirts will only make your appearance look less tidy and seem to pile up on the inside of your clothes. Moreover, sometimes the inner shirt likes to come out of your shirt.

Well, this problem is very often faced by men. So before buying it, make sure to choose an undershirt that fits your body and not too small, for fear it won't feel good if it's too tight.

Tenth point: Wearing wrinkled clothes

Yes, ironing may be a tedious job for some men, especially if you do it yourself, but ironing clothes is an important thing to do so that your clothes don't wrinkle, and of course to support your appearance to look presentable. and elegant. For example, when you want to meet your lover, or go to the office, or meet people, and so on.

Try to imagine if the clothes are neat, nice to look at, don't let your face look wrinkled, plus your clothes are also wrinkled, so it looks unpleasant.

Point Eleven: Inappropriate color and type of socks

Use long socks that cover the ankles when you use formal shoes for formal events. If you wear loafers at a formal event, avoid wearing ankle-high socks.

And specifically for formal suits, the color of socks that you can choose is black. Actually, the white color you can also recover, but in my opinion, black is better or something close to black is also okay, like dark blue or dark brown.

So, the selection of socks is often forgotten and considered trivial, because many people think that their feet are rarely noticed by others.

Even though the use of the right socks and in accordance with the style of dress, as well as the activities you will be doing will add value to your overall appearance.

Twelfth Point: Avoid wearing Skinny jeans for those who are very skinny

Maybe many people think this will be good and look suitable for skinny legs, but try to pay attention and adjust it back to the user's body shape, it doesn't mean you follow all trends without matching them with your personality and your body condition.

Sorry for those who are really skinny, you should not choose the type of jeans that are slim fit. Choose one that is not too tight or not too loose, because if you wear skinny jeans, especially if the skinny jeans are super tight, sorry your legs will look thinner.

So if you have a super skinny body in the sense that everything from your body to your legs is thin, it's best to avoid these types of pants so you don't look skinny.

I do not recommend that you wear pants that are too tight and too small, because they are not good for your reproductive organs. No matter how cool the appearance you want to make, comfort remains a priority.

Thirteenth Point: Wearing socks with holes

Are you sure one day you won't walk into someone's house and have to take your shoes off? Yes, your socks may not be visible to other people, but the next time you take off your shoes and people around you see holes in your socks, like being bitten by a rat, watch out you'll become a laughing stock.

Fourteenth Point: Wearing too much perfume

You are advised not to over spray when spraying perfume, for fear that other people will be tortured when they linger near you, maybe when they are near you for a long time, the person will lose consciousness. So, spray or use perfume properly, such as on the neck, chest, or wrists, in moderation.

Fifteenth point: Wearing a tie that is too long or too short

Well, if you measure the length of the tie, it can be fatal to your formal suit. So for those of you who want to look charming with an executive look, when wearing a long tie, the right tie is right at the head of your belt. If your tie is too long or too short, it will appear unprofessional, and will look a little funny.

So, what you wear really reflects your personality, so make a good impression on your potential lover or potential boss by staying trendy, mature and neat to get a first impression from people who will admire you in the way you dress.


No need to be expensive, the important thing is to be able to mix and match clothes and adjust your posture. So, from these mistakes, how many points have you made?


That's what I wrote about Men's Dressing Mistakes That Ruined His Appearance.