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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Psychological Domination Techniques To Get Rid Of Low Confidence


Psychological Domination Techniques To Get Rid Of Low Confidence

This time in the Talk category session I will discuss about  Psychological Domination Techniques To Get Rid Of Low Confidence.

There are situations where you are dominant, but there are situations where you may not need dominance. Because, you don't become dominant through strength, violence, skill, or talent, but you become dominant by getting into the minds of others.

You are present by impressing people's minds that you dominate. They will feel that you are the dominant person.

How to Get Rid of Low Confidence With Psychological Domination Techniques

To be dominant, you must first love yourself because you have the right to dominate. To love yourself first, you must have a clear picture of who you are and what you want.

Leave all doubt, uncertainty, shame and guilt behind. Therefore, most of you sometimes get caught up in worry and stress just because of small things. You easily blame yourself and even hate yourself.

So you have to change this first. Accept yourself completely as you are in the moment. Because from now on, you will treat him with love without being selfish and arrogant to others.

Prioritize Yourself

The first secret to loving yourself is realizing that your relationship with yourself is very important. You need to make yourself your top priority, so start loving yourself by doing the things you love.

Doing the things you love into a daily or weekly routine consistently begins to pamper yourself. Therefore, achieving mental well-being is very important for achieving your overall well-being.

Stop prioritizing other people who make you feel weak because your energy is drained and unhappy. But remember, mental health also lies in the state of physical health, so you must be willing to start eating healthy, exercising regularly, and sleeping well.

Talk And Think Positive

The way you talk to yourself is the second big secret to loving yourself. Talking to yourself has an influence and power on how you feel and how you think about life.

Therefore, you need to have positive thoughts and talk about yourself to live life in a good spirit. Stop destroying yourself by speaking negatively, harshly, full of self-criticism.

Speak to yourself like you would a friend or important person in your life using kind and positive words.

Set Limit

The essence of feeling weak is anger and self-hatred for feeling that you are not good enough to live up to your expectations. In addition, you often feel guilty about yourself simply because you can't live up to other people's expectations.

This is when you become a better boss to yourself by first thinking about what you expect of yourself. Set that, then take small steps towards achieving your expectations.

Every victory in your small steps will make you even more motivated to achieve even better. Realize that you are not perfect and will never be, but slowly you get better.

Master the High Power Pose

After that, you can start moving outside of yourself. When you want to appear in front of someone or in front of a crowd, you should always be able to maintain your high power pose.

You will no longer crouch, but instead, you will stand straight. Similarly, when you move, you move like a king, chest outstretched, shoulders and back straight.

Try to master some high-power poses as research shows if you do high-power poses you can relax, feel less tense and more confident.

If you do high power poses for just three minutes, then it can make you a better, energized, and confident person. So, do the high power pose by keeping the body upright, utilizing the body position with a wide distance, not curling up.

The important factor of the high power pose is that you have to do it according to the context and the existing content, so that you look dominant and don't look arrogant.

Watch your style when walking

Dominant people have a comfortable and confident gait. You have to walk like a winner, you are confident and not shy because your eyes are always looking ahead.

Lift your chin, don't look down when you walk. Looking down as you walk makes you feel lower and only losers look down when you walk.

When you walk in with your chin up, you decide to say that you are a passionate and optimistic person, not a shy person. Then, pay attention to your feet as you walk, avoiding placing your feet too tight or too wide.

Get your feet in the right position so that if there is physical contact, you will still stand straight. Walk at a moderate pace, not too slow and not too fast, your pace at a moderate pace without rushing. As you walk, try not to be preoccupied with yourself.

Get into the habit of screening everyone in front of and around you by looking them in the eye for a moment. Do it casually and in just a few seconds, don't let them feel uncomfortable, surprised or threatened.

By filtering out such people, you radiate power. Also pay attention to your shoulders so you don't hunch over when you walk, because hunching your shoulders will make you look weak.

Pull your shoulders back comfortably and expand your chest and walk in a rhythmic motion. That is, just watch your shoulders sway with your arms swinging casually. It all happens because you feel good about yourself, there is no anxiety.

Manage Your Eye Contact

Eye contact is an expression of confidence, so you should also know how to make eye contact with other people. You can adjust the eye contact if you do a lot of exercise with several people so that your eye contact is very natural.

Here are some important things to remember when making eye contact:

Number one: The 50/70 rule. Ideally, you should be able to see the other person's eyes about 50% when you are speaking and about 70% when you are listening to the other person speaking for a more natural conversation.

Number Two: Practice searching for 3-5 seconds. You have to look at someone for 3-5 seconds. In less than 3 seconds you may appear nervous, but more than 5 seconds you may appear threatening.

Number Three: Also pay attention to the context and applicable norms so as not to violate them.

Improve Your Standing Position

Also note how to stand which must be done in the following way:

The weight is balanced on both heels. Her feet are slightly apart shoulder width apart. His arms are free to touch the sides of the body. The shoulders are straight and the stomach is slightly pulled back.

It is very important to adopt an upright standing posture because an upright posture makes breathing more relaxed. An upright posture reduces joint stiffness and increases energy circulation throughout your body.

Remind yourself to always stand in that posture automatically anywhere in any situation. The more you become aware of how you stand, the easier it will be for you to always stand in that upright position.

Because sometimes your body becomes unbalanced, bending over at certain times, for example when you have to queue or wait in a boring place. You can work your back muscles if you feel weak because standing requires strength in your back muscles.

The more you practice, the stronger your back muscles will be and you will feel that you are standing straight and relaxed. Focus on back muscle exercises that also engage the shoulder muscles to maintain an upright posture.

Sitting Attitude

Sitting posture can also show dominance. For women, posture to appear capable and confident can be done by leaning forward slightly, at an angle of approximately 10 degrees to the back of the chair, keeping the back straight without tension, resting the feet flat on the floor, positioning the hands and feet symmetrically.

Men's sitting posture is like tilting the body about 10 degrees forward, making the back visible but not too arched, tilting the arms and legs slightly forward, with one leg always closer in front than the other.

The most important thing is that you keep your body free, don't drop your shoulders and sit curled up.

Hand movements

Hand gestures help people better understand what you are saying and thus pay more attention to you. Avoid putting your hands in your pockets. Also avoid tucking your hands into your armpits and crossing your arms.

All of these actions are actions that seem to worry about social contact or indicate a lack of self-confidence. Place your hands in a position that is easily visible to others. Therefore, keeping your hands visible makes others see you as trustworthy and likable.

You don't want to appear hesitant and full of doubts. So show your confidence by being firm in how you move your hand. Your moves should be precise, and full of confidence.

Avoid Feeling Restless And Nervous

Also stop doing things like rubbing your palms, biting your nails, tapping your fingers, scratching your hands, or playing with your hair.

These are all body language that can be taken as a sign that you are someone you cannot trust.

No one wants to follow a nervous person, because a nervous person clearly lacks confidence. Avoid fidgeting at all costs and appear cool, calm and confident.

When you are calm, you are showing that no one can bother you and that you know what you are doing or talking about. This instills trust in others and makes them want to follow you.

Watch Your Voice

Your voice gives clues about your personality. In this case, a weak voice makes people tend to think of you as a weak person, and a strong voice indicates that you are a strong person.

Here are some tips to make your speech better: Speak a little faster than usual clearly and fluently, then speak in a deeper, louder voice, it doesn't hurt.

Do not speak in a monotone tone, but use a good rhythm, pay attention to the pronunciation must be clear and the articulation is precise, pauses can help people pay more attention. Use a wide vocabulary, avoid repetition, do not interrupt your interlocutor.

Trying To Look Attractive

Dress well, practice good hygiene, smell good, and wear nice, well-fitting clothes. For certain events and situations, you can choose to use a good suit with a good combination of accessories.

Investing in looking good is also your way of nurturing and caring for and loving yourself. So you can invest in some nice pieces of clothing to suit your purpose.

Your smile

A genuine, relaxed smile is the key to making people think that you are confident, and happy.

When you smile, it means you will inspire others to smile to release the dopamine hormone in the brain. Of course, you should avoid not smiling too much because it's not good for maintaining your dominance.

Pretend Before It Becomes Real

How do you guys, still confused by the tips above? The last tip is that you should start right away. You should hurry to at least pretend to be used to being dominant.

Pretend to put yourself as the dominant figure in any relationship with anyone. Seeing, hearing and feeling directly will be one way of learning to be more effective.

Teach yourself by observing the dominant people of your choice. Observe and pay attention to them because you can learn directly from them. You can imagine yourself as a dominant person by visualizing yourself how to think, act, and be dominant.

From now on

From now on, you act like a dominant person even though you are a little shaky at first and your negative thoughts tell you not to. But pay attention, no one will give you domination because you have to demand and seize it.

Being dominant when dealing with insecurities requires the courage to face fear and anxiety. However, when you start to ignore those feelings, you will see that your fears and worries will fade away.

Over time, you will no longer have to pretend to be dominant because your brain has created a new pattern of good dominance. You've trained your brain to reprogram and accept that it's normal and even fine and your brain has gotten used to it.

Being dominant is an attitude you hold within yourself more than anything else. Then it manifests in the way you approach and treat others. But to be dominant, you have to feel dominant. You must believe in your ability and right to dominate others.

Get rid of your self-doubt. Force yourself to feel dominant and powerful. Pretend and let the feelings fill you and then manifest strongly.

That's my discussion this time about Psychological Domination Techniques To Get Rid Of Low Confidence.