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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Signs the Woman You Like is Starting to Love and Like You


Signs the Woman You Like is Starting to Love and Like You

This time I will discuss about Signs the Woman You Like is Starting to Love and Like You.

Stage approach to the woman you like is a stage that is quite confusing for you. You must also often wonder if this woman really wants to be serious about being your lover or is she just a friend?

I understand how difficult it can be to read the code of the woman you love and approach, because the process of approaching it must have mixed feelings, excited, curious, confused, dizzy.

Signs the Woman You Like is Starting to Love and Like You

Now for those of you men who are still in the approach stage, you should first pay attention to some of the signs the woman you like is starting to love and be comfortable with you:

First: Looking for you when you're not around

Well, if the woman you are dating starts looking for you when you are not around or when you are not chatting with her, it could be a sign that the woman you are dating is starting to have feelings or affection for you.

When feelings start to grow, caring will increase, she will feel worried when you suddenly can't be reached, when you suddenly don't call or don't chat with her.

But even so, don't be too big-headed and instead take advantage of the situation to pretend to disappear, maybe your intention is to always be sought by her or your intention to be chased by her. In fact, it's really wrong, so respect the woman you approach.

Second: Show more attention

That attention can be shown in thousands of ways, for example, starting from waking you up early so you are not late for work, reminding you to eat, reminding you to take a break, reminding you to take care of your health and so on.

One thing you have to remember, someone will not pay more attention to a man they don't like. So, if the woman you're dating has started showing these things, it's a good idea to move quickly to respond by expressing your feelings for her. Don't be late and even procrastinate, afraid that someone else will follow suit.

Third: She's not shy to chat first

Sometimes someone is always prestige to call first. Well, if the woman you're dating isn't shy about starting a conversation with you, that's a sign that she really wants to continue a serious relationship with you and doesn't want to miss hearing from you.

She will also always look for interesting conversations so that your conversations don't seem monotonous, and she's not even shy about asking you to meet.

Fourth: Not approaching other men

As long as the woman you are close to is close to you, does she like to replace someone close to her? I mean, apart from you, is she also close to other men?

If the answer to this question is Yes, it could be that she is making a decision, but you have to stay calm and think clearly. The point is that if you know the reality is like that, don't expect too much from her and most importantly follow your heart, if you are sure then continue, if not please back off regularly.

Fifth: She wants to know more about you

The approach process is certainly aimed at getting to know each other. When you feel interested, of course she will ask a lot of questions about your life.

Starting from simple things like your favorite food, hobbies, your busy life at work, maybe even asking about your love history.

If she's been asking a lot of questions about you, constantly talking or asking about this and even seems like she wants to get to know you better, you can be pretty sure that she loves you too, as it could be a sign that the seeds of love are starting to appear.

Sixth: Introducing you to your friends or family

If the woman you are dating has started to love or have feelings for you, she will usually tell you to her friends and even family.

Usually, although not everyone does this, they will deliberately introduce you to the person closest to them to get a second opinion. Introducing you to her friends or family, it's a sign she wants to see how well you interact with those closest to her.

Well, how? Has the woman you approached introduced you or brought you into her circle or not? If it turns out that you have experienced it, it could be that the woman you are approaching is starting to show signs of love.

Seventh: She helps you when you need

If the woman you're dating is willing to put in her time or go the extra mile to be by your side when you need her the most, congratulations to you because this is a good sign that she also has more feelings for you. Because if someone doesn't have more feelings for you, they won't waste energy just on you.

Eighth: You are the first to hear her story

When approaching a woman you like, you can also recognize the green light that can be seen from how open she is to you. If she's comfortable she's usually not afraid to tell you anything, and you'll usually be the first to tell her when she's happy or unlucky.

She also does not hesitate to share or tell about her dreams or desires hidden in her heart, so just imagine if she has opened up to you, it looks like someone has started to love you.

Ninth: She talks about various topics

Communication is important for you and the woman you are dating, because if there is no communication how do you want to move on to the next stage of the relationship, right?

If you and she have open communication and have conversations on various topics, it means she is comfortable with you, whether it's talking about her family, her activities, previous work, goals, or talking about things that don't really matter.

If she doesn't like you, doesn't feel comfortable, and doesn't love you, how can she spend her time just talking about unimportant things with you. So, if your crush is comfortable, of course she will maintain good communication with you.

Tenth: She started frequently updating her status about you

She'll mention you a lot on your social media, yes, even if it's just to say hello or thank you. In addition, sometimes she also often makes status related to you. Yes, even though she doesn't directly mention who it's for, but you feel sure if the status is indeed for you.

Say for example: you and she are eating together then when you eat suddenly you suddenly choke and when you open social media and she immediately makes status related to you like; "Uch! So funny that someone ate it and choked on it, hahaha." Without mentioning names would have known the status for whom? Yes, for you, for who else? Ghost?

Eleventh: She shows jealousy towards you

If the woman you are dating starts to like you, then she will start to show jealousy, maybe when you talk about your ex or other women in front of her.

Usually she'll put on an unpleasant expression, like she probably won't admit she's jealous right away, but you can tell by her disapproving expression.

So, yes, knowing whether or not she is showing any of these signs can you decide where your relationship will take you? This comfortable feeling not only makes you happy but can also build trust between you and her.

That's what I wrote about Signs the Woman You Like is Starting to Love and Like You.