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Monday, August 23, 2021

The reason why women avoid the men they like

The reason why women avoid the men they like

This time I will discuss about The reason why women avoid the men they like. A woman's heart is like a deep ocean and full of secrets in it. Indeed, a woman's heart is difficult to guess about what she really feels, especially about romance.

The reason why women avoid the men they like

Now for men, this is indeed the most difficult thing because they also cannot easily guess the contents of a woman's heart. And maybe the discussion about the reasons women avoid the man she likes below can be an insight for you.

1. She thinks you're toying with her

The reason a woman avoids the man she likes for the first time may be your own fault, so she'll mind if you mess with her. As we know, if a woman's heart is so sensitive, then they are easily hurt.

It could be that these women are starting to see or hear something that scares her, or she's already feeling that you're not being sincere to her so she's choosing to step back so as not to get hurt if she continues the relationship.

Or maybe women really fall in love, even though they already know that their partner is a bad boy. Maybe this method can make a bad boy fall in love so this might be applied by her.

2. She thinks that you are not interested in her

Humans, definitely want to do something special for someone they love or like. Starting from giving attention, understanding, or even giving more time to be with her.

All this they do to prove or signal to the crush, if he loves her. But there are some women who doubt his thinking, especially when it comes to love.

The woman does not even hesitate to start avoiding the man she likes because she thinks he is not interested in her, this can be seen from the attitude of the man who is opposite to the woman.

3. She Is Not Sure Of Her Feelings

Consolidating the heart is not easy, especially if the person has often felt heartbreak. Therefore, there are some people who suddenly drift away from the person they like.

It's not that she wants to pull someone out, but she just wants to reassure her feelings whether she really likes that person, or is just a lonely filler. These are the characteristics of lonely women that are often overlooked.

This method may not hurt to do, after all, the status is still limited to liking it. Not yet a lover of her heart, this is certainly useful for her before choosing someone to be her lover.

4. She Tests Do You Miss Her?

Those whose names are women definitely need reassurance from men, and some women choose to stay away just to test whether the man misses her presence or not. One way is to deliberately avoid contacting the man.

She waited and watched if the man tried to contact her and ask how she was. If the man is indifferent, she may not really have feelings for her, and maybe the following ways to find out how your crush feels can be a point for you to pay attention to.

5. She Builds Walls

The reason a woman avoids the man she likes can be a metaphor for having a defense that is built with the aim of not being easily hurt for the umpteenth time.

If she is that type of woman (not easy to fall in love with), she will be scared when she falls in love with you. Because she doesn't want to get hurt if her love is one sided.

6. She's Trying To Move On From Her Past

Women are indeed quite difficult to move on from the past, because they like someone with their heart. Even though you have been hurt, it is not an easy thing to move on from your lover, even though there are ways to move on from the most beautiful ex.

Well, it could be that she is avoiding the man she likes and wants to really move on from her past. She doesn't want to make men just as an outlet, maybe right now she's applying the way to forget the most nice ex that often makes moving on fail.

7. You both have history

If you both have a history, such as having been close to a date or she's had a crush on you before, but you don't want to give her too many chances, chances are she's afraid to repeat the same mistake.

8. She doesn't want to make you dodge

You need to know, each of these women must have their own way of interpreting their feelings. There are times when she doesn't want to overdo it in showing her feelings to someone who sometimes makes her uncomfortable, after that she avoids it.

She wants to appear relaxed in front of you to make her believe that if you are with you, she can make herself who she is. This will make her feel better and more comfortable with the relationship.

9. Don't want to enter the Friend zone Trap

When she realizes that you want to take her to the Friend zone area, she immediately decides to back off regularly because she wants something more than being friends with you.

That's what I wrote about The reason why women avoid the men they like.