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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Types of Men Women Like

Types of Men Women Like


This time I will discuss about Types of Men Women Like. You must have often wondered maybe what kind of man actually likes women? maybe have to look like a celebrity?

Types of Men Women Like

You don't need to force yourself to imitate celebrity styles to captivate women's hearts, every woman must have their own criteria or ideal type. Yes, although sometimes it's confusing but don't worry, you don't have to worry, because I have a leak about the types of men that women like and are after.

The first: Romantic type man

Which woman does not dream of having a romantic lover, a romantic man is the type of man who likes to treat women well and sweetly, as sweet as honey so that women feel special, but do not need to routinely give flowers every day.

With your simple care, for example your lover is eating, then the food is accidentally spilled on the tip of your lover's lips. Now with the power of your fast motion, you clean the leftover food stuck to the tip of your lover's lips.

But keep in mind that if you want to be romantic, don't be too romantic, because if you are too romantic, you will look like a bad boy, so be a classy romantic man!

The second: family man type

A man who puts his family first, who loves his family, and enjoys spending time with his family.

This type also has a passion for working hard for the sake of the family, not just spending time on hobbies and hobbies. In addition, this type of man is always there and helps his partner when he needs help.

Family man is a man who can carry out his role with an open heart, later when he gets married he will bring his family to a better direction, so you already know why this family man is the ideal figure.

The third: The sporty type of man

Usually women really like men who like to exercise because they seem dashing, athletic and macho. Not infrequently many women are captivated by men, basketball players, or soccer players.

You need to know, when women see men who are in action on the field with agility and agility, especially coupled with profuse sweat, for most women this event can be an interesting sight.
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Next four: The intelligent type of man

Intelligent in the sense of having knowledge as wide as the ocean and knowing everything. Because intelligent and intelligent men are the most pleasant to talk to. Besides, the conversation between the two of you is definitely worth it. Extensive knowledge is an attractive quality of a man, That's why women like to be around intelligent men.

Fifth: Bad Boy Type

Most women don't really like good men, that doesn't mean thugs too, what Bad Boy means here is his indifferent attitude and style, and his cold and gentle charisma is able to make women fascinated and feel challenged to conquer the heart of the Bad Boy.

Although they look like Bad Boys, they sound like rock, but not all Bad Boys are Playboys. Because, even though his stature looks Bad Boy, loyalty issues must come first.

If your stature is Bad Boy, plus your character is really ugly, disobedient, playing with women's hearts, has been hit and left and so on. That means your name is a man who doesn't know himself, not a bad boy anymore.

This Bad Boy type man usually has an adventurous spirit and can always create an exciting atmosphere. It is said that a stubborn man can make a girl feel that she is enjoying her youth and feeling free. But sometimes stubborn men can also be a bad influence, although not all because it also depends on the person.

Sixth: Sensitive man type

What is meant by sensitive men here are men who understand today's women's code of ethics.

For example, the man is walking with his lover to the Mall, then the lover points to an item and she says: "good", and the man immediately says: "you just buy it!"

Well, this type of man is indeed the target of today's women. From materialistic women to non-materialistic women because they think this type is very rare. So if you feel like this type of guy, then you have to be ready to be the target of women.

Seventh: Active man type

And of course women prefer to have a man who is active than passive and seems to be inactive. Active men in this case are not those who cannot remain silent, but active men referred to here are men who have many activities such as organizations, sports clubs, diligently participating in social activities and so on.

Of course, this active man attracts more attention than the man whose only job is to eat and sleep.

Eighth: The type of man who has a steady job

Now it's realistic, who likes unemployed men? Today's women usually target men who have permanent jobs. How not to try? You just have to pay to park the vehicle.

How about dating? Especially those who want to get married who want to build a household, only with love and affection, you and your family can starve. Especially if you later have children, yes, that's what is called realistic. If you don't work, you will only embarrass yourself and fear being looked down upon.

The term is free time with positive things or things that can make money. For you men who are reading this article, take the positive side and use it as motivation so that you are even more active at work, basically everyone likes men who are not lazy.

Ninth: The type of man who wants to try

Who does not like a man who always wants to try to be better again and again. Friends, don't be afraid and ashamed when you fail, instead women will appreciate a man who always tries. Despite having to face various obstacles in front of him. After all, it can't hurt to try, right?

Tenth: Mature man type

Mature in terms of age is not necessarily mature in personality, so sometimes there are also people who are in their 30s but still like children, still not able to mature.

Well, what is meant here is to be an adult who can always guide his partner, tolerate his partner's mistakes, guide her to a better direction and so on.

For example, women are like children and men are like parents, so women make small mistakes, for example, women are angry types.

The solution is not just to be left alone but justified to be right, and if the man really loves her, he will not just leave her, but he will teach a lesson and guide his wrong lover to be right.

Women will usually be touched if they meet a man who thinks like this. And adult men have a broad scope, including not being possessive, always accepting differences of opinion and giving freedom and support to their partners to express or do positive things.

Eleventh: Mysterious type of man

Surely you have often heard of this type, right? Many men fall in love with men who are cold, indifferent, quiet and seem mysterious. Why is that? Because according to them this type of man is able to invite curiosity and curiosity closer to this type of man.

Twelfth: The confident type of man

Men who have self-confidence do attract the attention of those around them, because this type of man knows very well how to position himself especially when in public, so men who have self-confidence are far from pessimistic, and of course this type. humans also do not easily feel threatened by the presence of other men.

In addition, a man who is full of confidence will give a positive impression, but of course in a level of self-confidence that is not excessive. Because if you are too confident, you will seem arrogant and give a negative impression in the eyes of women.

Thirteenth: The type of man who likes to give surprises

Have you ever surprised a woman? If not, I think you should change your mind, because most women today really love surprises.

So, yes, basically women do like surprises and surprises don't always have to be luxurious, just simple but sweet and impressive things.

Fourteenth: Man type artist

Men who have a high artistic soul usually have high spontaneity and creativity. Not infrequently they use their creativity to impress the girl they like and of course this makes women feel unique and special.

The last one: The humorous type

Well for humorous men, you are included in the type of man that women like. This type of man will never make a woman feel bored. Surely women are always made to laugh when they are near you.

You will make your lover's days more colorful, especially if your lover's mood is not good, you can become your lover's spirit.

It's no wonder that humorous men are usually surrounded by friends and easy to get along with, but don't let your jokes come off as funny or insulting. By the way, it's nice when you can make your crush laugh.

That's what I wrote about Types of Men Women Like. Well, those are some types of men who are able to captivate the hearts of men, which type do you think you are?