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Sunday, August 15, 2021

What to Do When a Woman Sees You?


What to Do When a Woman Sees You?

This time I will discuss about What to Do When a Woman Sees You?

Have you ever felt embarrassed when a woman very clearly saw, stared or peeked at you. This is your chance and don't wait until you are disappointed.

If you don't know what to do when a woman sees you or she stares at you, don't worry, you are not alone, because there are many people who are in the same situation.

What to Do When a Woman Sees You?

Let me tell you, most of the time, when a woman stares at you, it means those women are attracted to you, so that's a really good start.

So at this point, you should take advantage of this situation. So what should you do? When a woman you find attractive, and of course single, stares at you for a few seconds and seems like she's interested in getting to know you.

Step one: Looking back at her

It sounds very simple, but unfortunately most men rarely do this at all. So when woman stare at you or check on you, and you also think she's super attractive, and at the same time, you're single and don't have a special relationship with anyone, do take a look back at her.

Look or stare at her back for as long as you can, because woman like men in action. So, be in control, when you get her attention to look and stare at you, look at her without hesitation.

You have to stay confident and never lower your head and look down, if she keeps looking at you, look at her back as if you are both enjoying each other, and don't forget to make a decision.

Men always forget this, so, taking this opportunity or just saying NO at all, think about it and ask yourself do you want to go after her or is she really interested in you? or just plain flirting without seriousness.

If you are a married man, maybe the woman is not your type, and she stares at you, and you may not take this advantage, but for some other men, they will immediately seize this opportunity, even for some married people, I recommend don't play with fire.

For those who already have a commitment, don't be tempted, and for those who are still single, always think and make a decision to take it or leave it and don't take everything.

Step two: Give a smile

There's no other way, if she looks and stares at you, and you don't smile for her, the chances that she will look and stare at you again are very slim, and he probably won't do it again at all.

Even if you don't say hello or talk to her, just giving her a sweet smile will make everything so beautiful, so that means, we just have to smile all the time.

That's one of the interesting things that always attracts the attention of most women, and it never hurts to give a smile and show your friendliness.

So give her a warm, confident smile that will make her feel like you won't bite her if she's interested in getting to know you. Give your best smile that you can possibly do, and avoid the creepy unfriendly smile and don't give the frowning smile.

Don't force yourself to smile, just relax, and it will come naturally, as if you respect her to see and stare at you.

Step three: Waiting for eye contact

At this point and after you've made the decision to say hello, talk to her or get to know her, but are still not sure if she wants to get to know you, does she want to talk to you?

Then, the second thing you have to do is wait for the second eye contact. If your first eye contact went really smoothly, that's a good start. However, this second eye contact will really reveal whether you'll get the chance to move on to the next step.

So just sit back and relax and see if she will see you again. Especially if she smiles and looks at you very seriously, then quickly looks into her eyes, then she probably likes you.

Look at her again after you give her a nice perfect smile. If she catches your eye, is shy and looks away because she's nervous, confused about what to do, or maybe she's the shy type, or maybe she's just playing games with you, it's all about women, but for whatever reason, you shouldn't give up just like that.

Fourth step: Start talking or come closer

Finally, if you are comfortable with this, there is one thing you need to do. Start talking to her, because if she makes eye contact with you repeatedly, and also gives you a sweet smile, then what are you waiting for?

Remember, if a woman looks at you or stares at you, it means, you got an invitation. If you have received an invitation signal from a women, you have to face it.

By nature, woman like men who are aggressive and assertive, which is why women look for men who are security and comfort, so if you are careless and too slow to act, chances are you will be less successful.

According to research, most women think very positively when a man walks up confidently, relaxes and starts a conversation. So start a conversation and at least you can start by just saying hello.

For example: "Hi, I don't think we've met before? Let me introduce myself, my name is John" or "Hi, By the way, are you here alone?"

Please say something that makes her feel very comfortable and don't make her nervous, so when you know how to start a conversation, it will make her more interested in you.

When these women talk to you, they will feel more comfortable then they will be more open and interactive with you and be a gentleman and always introduce yourself first.

So next time remember, if there's a woman and you think she's attractive, and she looks you in the eye, because looking straight into your eyes, it could mean several things.

The first thing is of course being a men by giving her a friendly look, a nice smile back and you will definitely be appreciated then start interacting with her and make things happen.

Hope this was helpful to you and yes, it is worth reiterating that women are human beings, not computers, so every woman has her own turn and cap.

That's what I wrote about What to Do When a Woman Sees You?