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Sunday, September 5, 2021

How to deal with a lover who has bipolar disorder

How to deal with a lover who has bipolar disorder

This time I will discuss about How to deal with a lover who has bipolar disorder.

Everyone has a different character. When it comes to love, every true partner has to accept their own flaws.

An example is when she thinks about the dark past. It is important for you to apply ways of accepting your lover's past so as not to damage the relationship that has been established.

How to deal with a lover who has bipolar disorder

So, what if your lover has bipolar disorder? Bipolar is a mental disorder in which sufferers often experience mood swings or sudden mood swings. Dealing with people with bipolar disorder often requires extra patience.

However, that doesn't mean you have to hate it. On this occasion, I have several ways to deal with couples who suffer from bipolar that you can apply.

Understand the condition

As I mentioned earlier, bipolar disorder is a mental disorder that will make sufferers experience drastic mood swings.

A person with bipolar disorder can easily feel happy but will soon turn sad. Changes in her nature like this often make the people around her.

If you have a lover who suffers from bipolar disorder, then how to deal with a lover who has bipolar disorder can be very helpful.

The first tip you should do is understand the condition. Yes, this disturbance is not against his will. Therefore, try to position yourself as a person who is able to accept this drastic change in mood.

Understanding the she who can unconsciously show a changing mood is one of the tips in a relationship to stay intimate later.

Find out what triggers her mood swings

Keep in mind, bipolar symptoms can occur at any time. This is what then makes people around people with bipolar confused about how to deal with it.

Bipolar symptoms certainly do not come without a cause. Therefore, if you have a lover who suffers from bipolar disorder, in addition to trying to understand her condition, you must know what things are triggering her mood swings.

You can start by observing and then finding out what factors make your lover's bipolar symptoms relapse. That way, you can help her try to minimize her drastic mood swings.

She also needed a way to mentally strengthen the weak into strong. There's nothing wrong with applying it to your lover.

Give support in the form of love

Nobody wants to have bipolar disorder. You may be upset by her mood swings which can sometimes make current relationships toxic and unhealthy.

Dealing with a lover who has bipolar disorder is challenging. It takes extra patience to understand this often changing nature.

Furthermore, for those of you who are still confused about what the next step to do if your lover has bipolar disorder is to provide support or support to her. This step is a form of how to maintain a lasting relationship.

The form of support needed of course is affection from you as a lover. The love you give can strengthen her to recover and rise from her bipolar disorder.

Accompany your lover

Bipolar disorder experienced by your lover is not impossible to be one of the triggers of quarrels in a love relationship. If you're being bullied a lot, always try to get rid of your feelings of irritation and anger so that the fight doesn't get worse.

In this phase, usually many couples with bipolar disorder decide to leave it and this will only make the condition worse.

If you really love her for who she is, try to stay with her during these difficult times. A person with bipolar needs someone who can understand her to always be with her. Make her feel safe with your presence as her lover.

Invite your lover to undergo recovery

Bipolar disorder requires professional treatment. Generally, people with bipolar disorder often deny their illness.

If left unchecked, of course it is not impossible that the situation will get worse. If by chance your lover shows indications of bipolar disorder, don't hesitate to take her to a specialist for recovery.

Not only for her own good but also for the good of your relationship with her in the future. Of course you don't want your bipolar disorder to ruin a long-standing relationship?

Make sure she gets the right treatment. That way, the recovery process can work optimally. Don't forget to always accompany in a phase like this.

Don't show off your lover's condition

For some people with bipolar disorder, this disorder is a privacy that not everyone should know. Only those who believe know.

As a lover, of course you become one of the people who can be trusted. Therefore, respect this belief by not carelessly telling everyone the condition she is currently experiencing.

Make sure only those closest to you know that your lover has bipolar disorder. This method is considered appropriate to prevent unwanted things such as slander and other negative views. You can also ask your lover if it's okay to tell certain people about their bipolar disorder.

End Relationship

After applying various ways to deal with your lover who has bipolar disorder, is she getting more reactive or is she showing an attitude that is detrimental to you? If this is the case, ending the relationship is worth considering.

Yes, in many cases, people with bipolar disorder have a severe condition, it is not impossible to take extreme actions that harm those around them.

In this phase, make your safety and mental health a top priority. Therefore, I suggest ending the relationship.

A romantic relationship in which one party becomes overly aggressive and threatens the other is an indication that the relationship is unhealthy.

That's what I wrote about How to deal with a lover who has bipolar disorder.