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Monday, February 7, 2022

10 Best Deep Talk Questions with Your Lover

10 Best Deep Talk Questions with Your Lover
10 Best Deep Talk Questions with Your Lover

Finding a topic of conversation with a lover is not always easy. So you're not bored? You can have a deep talk with her. Deep talk itself is useful to strengthen your relationship with her.

For those of you who are still not familiar, a deep talk is an in-depth two-way conversation whose topics can be very meaningful. In a romantic relationship, communication plays an important role in maintaining intimacy. Confused about what topic to discuss so that your lover doesn't get bored? You can try to have an in-depth conversation.

Through deep talk, you and she can exchange opinions and views. Interesting right? Well, for those of you who want to try it with your lover, here presents a deep talk question with your lover.

1. What is your worst fear?

Deep talk is different from the usual topic of conversation. If the general topic of conversation that you and your lover talk about does not have a deep meaning, then it is different from deep conversation.

Deep talk is effective to bring you and your lover closer. Having an in-depth conversation also allows you to dig deeper into your lover's personality. Do this as one of the tips to keep the relationship intimate.

An example of a deep talk question with your first lover that you can try is to ask her what her biggest fear in life is. Here, you'll find out what things your lover wouldn't expect to happen.

2. What is the biggest regret in life?

In doing deep talk, avoid words that hurt your lover's heart. Even if the goal is to be open about things that are personal and meaningful, don't judge your lover.

The next example of a deep talk topic that I recommend is asking about the regrets she has experienced in her life.

Asking questions like these opens up another in-depth topic. You and she can both be honest about each other's life experiences that you both end up regretting whether it's about friendship, previous love relationships, family, and much more.

3. What are five things you are most grateful for right now?

Regardless of the topic of conversation that men like and the topic of conversation that women like, everyone wants to have someone to talk to deeply. This heart to heart chat can contain questions for couples separated by distance or those who are not separated by distance.

Next, want to know what is in your lover's honest heart? Try asking five things she is most grateful for right now.

This question will open your heart and your partner's heart about what things you are both grateful to have been present and have until today.

4. If we broke up, would you try to come back?

Did you know that through deep talk, you can predict what your boyfriend will do to your relationship in the future?

Yes, deep talk is the right medium to find out how much your partner loves you. Just ask questions to your lover like: would you try again if we broke up? then you can find out what it looks like.

Questions that contain assumptions like these become part of an in-depth conversation that you and he shouldn't miss getting to know each other.

5. If I am sick, will you faithfully accompany me?

There are many types of presupposition questions. If you are still confused about what kind of questions you can ask your lover to open an in-depth conversation later, you can try the following questions.

Yes, supposition is imagining something that will not necessarily happen in the future. Ask questions like whether she will be faithful to accompany you even though one day you will experience pain.

Through this question, you can see if she is sincere or not. It's not impossible, through this seemingly simple topic, you can see the quality.

6. What does marriage mean to you?

Deep talk is a topic of conversation with lover's on the phone that many couples enjoy. This deep and meaningful topic often makes couples lose track of time. Another story with other general topics that are sometimes boring.

When the age of your relationship is long, do you have the desire to marry her but are not sure about her views? You can ask questions about marriage during an in-depth conversation.

Ask what marriage means to her and then watch how she describes the meaning of marriage itself. This kind of conversation is effective in getting to know her point of view on future plans.

7. What is the condition of your family?

There's nothing wrong with showing your concern for your lover's family condition while having a deep conversation. This method is done as a form of a sense of wanting to protect.

Yes, not everyone has a harmonious family. Maybe she is currently facing a fairly complicated family problem. Ask her to open up to you about her family's condition. However, make sure not to corner her.

8. What are your lover's plans for the next five years?

Having a vision and mission in a romantic relationship is important. Of course you don't want to have a directionless relationship right?

Deep talk is one of the right media to discuss with each other about your plans for a lover in the next few years.

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Feel free to share what dreams you want to achieve in the near future. The topic of this dream makes deep talk moments feel comfortable.

9. What is the most important thing for your lover to you?

No deep talk moment is complete without questions that keep you and her honest with each other. Next, you can ask her what is most important to her in life.

Everyone has priorities in life. If you want to know her more, there is no need to ask about topics like this.

10. Who do you love the most?

Lastly, you can ask her who she loves most in life. This topic will indirectly make you and her show openness.

Just like priorities in life, everyone has someone they love. This question will take the topic of discussion deeper.

That's what I wrote about 10 Best Deep Talk Questions with Your Lover you can try.