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Friday, February 11, 2022

5 Ways to Approach a Woman Who Always Rejects Us


5 Ways to Approach a Woman Who Always Rejects Us
5 Ways to Approach a Woman Who Always Rejects Us

How to approach a woman who has rejected us? The natural response when we express love to someone is twofold, namely accepting or rejecting it and of course love is not as smooth as imagined.

Sometimes to be able to get someone we love we have to go through several rejections. Some of them immediately give up and try to forget someone they love. All they do is admire without being loved by someone they love.

But not a few who still keep trying and not the slightest word of surrender is implied in their minds. Therefore, for those of you who are currently trying to get the heart of your idol even though they are often rejected, then please refer to the information that we will share below.

1. Keep an eye on

The first thing you have to do is keep an eye on your crush. Maybe in the beginning, you will keep getting rejections like your messages or calls will never be answered. But if you continue to do it patiently and sincerely, then the next possibility your target will start showing signs of people falling in love.

Try to pay attention by asking how she is or something else. Remember, at first you will be rejected so don't back down and keep trying.

2. Give her something she likes

The second way is to give your crush something she likes. Of course you already know what your crush likes, be it food, drink, or maybe his favorite place. Simply put, you should try to give her something he likes or you pack it in good packaging and you can give it away.

If the woman asks, then answer that you are only giving gifts and of no use. Over time your loved ones will start to thaw. A very effective way is also to be applied as a way to attract women's attention.

3. Approach her friends

You can also approach a woman who has rejected us by approaching her friends. A friend is someone who can give advice and can influence your crush. All you need to do is find out who her close friends are. But before that, you must have mastered how to be confident because you have to deal with someone you may not know at all.

You can start showing your friend a good attitude without wanting you to approach them to get them to help you. You can also give her some of her favorite things. Remember, don't say that you know that the person you are approaching is a close friend of your crush. That way, she won't think that what you're doing now is just to take advantage of her.

4. Try to always be there for her

If you have done the previous three ways, then the fourth way that is no less important is to be someone you always love for the people we love. Maybe she doesn't realize that you are always there for her. You don't have to worry about this. You still have to show that you are the right person and will always be there for her.

The basic thing you have to do is pay attention often. You can pay attention in person or just through chat. But you need to remember, do not contact her too often. Why? Because what you're doing will only drive her further away from you.

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In addition, here you must also be a person who is good at taking advantage of opportunities. You pay attention to the condition of your loved one's heart. If she turns out to be in trouble, then try to help her. A way that will make her heart begin to melt and will begin to open her heart to you.

5. Approach her parents

The way to approach a woman who has rejected us is to approach her parents. The last and most daring way is where you can go directly to the parents and tell them that you love and want their child. But before that, there are many things you must prepare. One of them is knowing how to look attractive.

In addition, you also have to be mentally prepared because you need a strong mentality to be able to directly deal with their parents. Another thing you should also pay attention to is to make sure you are established. That is, make sure you already have a steady job if your goal is to actually have an lover. When you conquer the parents, then your lover is only a matter of time.