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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

6 Signs A Woman Is Married But Loves Someone Else

6 Signs A Woman Is Married But Loves Someone Else
6 Signs A Woman Is Married But Loves Someone Else

Love knows no boundaries, there are even people who are clearly married but still have a crush on someone else. Supposedly when someone has been tied with the ropes of marriage, he must be able to keep his feelings so as not to admire the opposite sex or even love him.

If this feeling is still forced, then many people will be hurt. Not only that, when someone really fights for their love even though they are married, then this can cause big problems.

Here we will give some signs of a married woman but loves someone else. For men, you should watch out for these signs.

1. Likes to tease

A woman who is in love with someone else even though she is married is usually a sign that she is still flirting with the man she wants. Actually this first sign is not much different from the sign of a married man who loves someone else where the man will also continue to tease and seduce his target.

Women who are intoxicated with romance even though they are already other people's wives, will continue to tease and try to seduce the man she loves for a response. In fact, she will continue to tease even if only through social media.

The characteristics of women falling in love through this chat show that the woman is trying to seduce  in order to get the response she wants. Then what should you do? Actually to avoid things like this is not difficult. You just blocked the number and didn't even think about calling the woman.

2. Want to always be close

Similar to how to captivate a woman's heart, a woman who is in love will also try to get close to her idol. The woman will even try very hard and not even notice what consequences she will get.

What was on her mind was how she could get close to the man she idolized. She will keep trying to get to know him better and to know all about the man. She didn't even hesitate to say that she wanted to get to know each other better to get to know each other better. Though, what she did was actually how that person truly belonged to her.

If you encounter a problem like this, what should you do? As a guy, it's absolutely ridiculous to respond and even give her a chance to get to know you better. Especially if you respond by showing the characteristics of a flirty man.

3. Suddenly very good

No wind and no rain suddenly the lady you just met briefly gave you a very good response. The characteristics of this third woman in love will actually be done by anyone who is in love.

However, when the person turns out to already have a partner then of course what she did was a big mistake. Even the attitude of a woman who has high affection does not care about the impact that will be experienced.

The most important thing is that she can show her kind attitude to the man she loves. That way, women will have their own satisfaction because their feelings can be conveyed indirectly.

4. Want to be a mistress

Some cases of infidelity that occur is because one partner even offers herself to have an affair. Both women and men even make offers and feel it is okay to have an affair.

Meaning, she knows that she already has a partner and maybe she even knows that the person she loves also has a lover. But because she was blinded by her love, the woman even offered herself and didn't mind being made an affair.

5. Always contact

Similar to people falling in love in general, a woman who is married but loves someone else will also continue to contact the person she loves. She will try to show her concern by contacting through many social media.

In addition, it will sometimes also reply to the status created in the applications that are commonly used. Even when replying to status, it will also be interspersed with unnatural temptations to do, especially by someone who is already married.

6. Often ask for help

Even though the woman could do it herself, in reality she was asking someone else for help. Surprisingly, the woman could do it herself and was probably used to it. The strangest thing was when she chose to ask someone else for help instead of asking her husband for help.

If you find a woman like this, chances are she's in love with a man she often turns to for help. Though usually women do it themselves and even feel it. But still asking for help with the intention of being able to meet and be closer to the target.

That's our discussion this time about 6 Signs Women Are Married But Love Others