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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

6 Ways to Make Friends Feel Calm When Nervous

6 Ways to Make Friends Feel Calm When Nervous
6 Ways to Make Friends Feel Calm When Nervous

Nervousness is a normal feeling experienced by anyone. You may need a way to calm your friend when she or he's nervous to help her talk.

Yes, everyone has experienced nervousness, nervousness, or restlessness. If not controlled properly, nervousness can ruin all the preparations you have made. When dealing with other people, like making a presentation even for a first date, it's important to manage that nervousness.

6 Ways to Make Friends Feel Calm When Nervous You Can Try

Your friend is nervous right now? Help him relax and calm down by calming friends down when they're nervous, which discusses below.

1. Breathing exercises

Nervous is doing or saying in a state of restlessness. A person who experiences feelings of nervousness will find it difficult to control himself, especially if the feeling of nervousness he feels is excessive.

Not only you, your friends have experienced it. As a good friend, you need to help him with tips on how to calm his friend when he's nervous so he can calm down so he doesn't embarrass himself.

First, ask your friend to practice his breathing. This trick is a surefire way to overcome feelings of anxiety when going to do an activity. Try asking him to take a deep breath, then let it out slowly.

After that, your friend will feel calmer. This breathing practice trick will also help her not to panic too much. Dare to try?

2. Stay focused

Getting rid of shyness is the key to making your nervous friend more confident. Yes, everyone is born with a different personality. In people who are shy, excessive nervousness can come more easily.

After helping him practice his breathing, the next way to get him ready for the activity ahead is to ask him to stay focused.

Excessive nervousness can ruin everything, including all the preparations he has made. For that, it is important for you to help him stay focused.

Remind your friend to always beat her nerves by staying focused. Focus his mind on the activities he will face such as what material he will deliver during his presentation in front of many people.

3. Do a last minute workout

Nervousness and restlessness can come at any time. The reaction of people who experience it, such as shaking hands to stuttering when speaking. If your friend is experiencing this, try asking him to do the exercise one last time.

Practice before performing in front of a crowd is very important. The goal is that your friends can show the best. Without practice, nervousness will come more easily.

For that, ask him to do a practice session before the time of his appearance. This trick is done so that he is able to remember what he has to do later and is effective in relieving the nervousness he is experiencing.

4. Develop a “not all care” mindset

The key to overcoming nervousness when speaking is confidence. Therefore, how to appear confident and not shy in public is important to instill in your friends.

Trust me, confidence will help him a lot. Although it's not easy, you can slowly help him by encouraging him to cultivate a "don't all care" mindset.

Well, not everyone cares about what your friends are doing. He may be a perfectionist and wants everyone to notice him. Although not wrong, this thought can be the cause of excessive nervousness.

Ask your friend to get rid of the “want to be loved by everyone” thinking. That way, he will feel more relaxed and calm because he doesn't expect any expectations from others, but wants to do the best he can.

5. Talking to other people

When we are nervous, sometimes we need support or support from others. Did you know that when you are nervous, talking to other people can override your nervous feelings?

Yes, this trick is quite powerful for some people. If your friend is feeling nervous because she's going to be appearing in front of a lot of people in the near future, suggest that she try talking to the people around her.

An easy way to socialize will help if he is a shy person and has a hard time opening up conversations with other people.

By talking to other people, his nervousness will be slightly diverted. He will also be better prepared to face what is in front of his eyes.

6. Keep positive thinking

'Want to look perfect without any mistakes, of course, is everyone's dream. However, this mindset can be a burden on yourself. In the end, excessive nervousness came.

Your friend may have an excessive fear of later making mistakes because of the mindset of wanting to look perfect. Various negative thoughts began to dominate his mind.

Don't let this fear come true by inviting your friends to always think positively. This is one way to change yourself for the better that is important for everyone to do.

Believe me, always thinking negative will only harm yourself. Suggest friends to always be optimistic in order to show the best.