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Friday, February 4, 2022

Some Signs of a Couple Who Wants to Struggle in a Relationship, Don't Waste it

Some Signs of a Couple Who Wants to Struggle in a Relationship, Don't Waste it
Some Signs of a Couple Who Wants to Struggle in a Relationship, Don't Waste it

Love is the foundation of a relationship. Like a building, the foundation of course cannot continue to stand without the help of a strong structure.

Well, that's why even though you love each other, you and your partner also need to work. Because of course the challenge in building a relationship is not easy.

However, are all couples willing to fight? Not necessarily either. Because the struggle is born of one's own will and cannot be forced. Here are some signs of a partner who wants to struggle in a relationship.

Every word can be trusted and proven

One of the characteristics of people who want to fight is that every word or speech they say can be trusted. Not only believed, but also proven to be real. When you build a relationship, trust has to be in it.

But, when partners often lie and break promises, where will there be hope for the future? It's better if you come back regularly. Before the deeper heartache you will feel.

Always make time for quality time

Indeed, the busyness of daily life has taken up most of the time. However, for those who really want to fight for your relationship, they will definitely want to make time for it at the end of the day. For example, call or chat at night, talk about today's events. She also wants to know how you are today.

Like a battery, this quality time can actually relieve fatigue and reduce stress. Because he is your partner, a place to come home to and tell stories. However, if you find that talking to him makes you even more dizzy, it means she's not the right person for you.

Want to grow together to be better

She is not only focused on her own development, but wants you to fight and grow together. Logically, people who want to be serious and love their partners want what they get can also be obtained by their partners.

Unlike people who only use you for last night's lust. They tend to be indifferent and ignore your progress.

It's not easy to say break up when there's a problem

If it's easy for her to say break up from the start, be careful. Because this character indicates she is not serious in a relationship with you. Do not let you invest too deeply with it. Because, the longer the relationship, the bigger the challenge.

Her attitude that is always sulking and asking for a break up indicates that she is still weak in a serious relationship. Can't you imagine having to date someone whose hobby is always cranky? Therefore, consider carefully.

She wants every problem solved first

When there is a problem, indeed one solution is to be forgotten for a moment. However, did you know that maintaining this habit will only make the relationship more tenuous? Because it's like a wound that continues to be left, while other wounds keep popping up.

That's why sometimes in your love life, you feel your partner is always rude and his words always hurt your heart and feelings. It's because her heart hurts with you. Therefore, the hallmark of a partner who wants to fight is she who is willing to decide all the problems that occur. Thus, the relationship also remains healthy and does not harbor its own wounds.

So, is your current partner showing their efforts in relationship struggles? If so, I congratulate you. But if not, don't worry. Give it time and if it doesn't change, let it go.